A Taste Of Summer With Black Cow & English Strawberries Vodka

Black Cow Vodka with English Strawberries

The gorgeous summer months are rapidly approaching, and we’re quite sure most of us will be looking forward to some extra fun and invigoration. But why wait? A simple way to get that summery feeling is with a glass of strawberry vodka from Devon’s Black Cow.

Locally sourced, leftover or misshapen English strawberries that would otherwise go to waste are pressed and infused for four days to create a fresh, rich vodka with a beautiful strawberry blush colour. Honeyed and slightly floral in taste, you can enjoy it all year round, and a big plus is it has no added sugar or sweeteners.

Recommended serve

A perfect serving of the vodka in a high ball glass

One of the ways the brand recommended drinking this spirit is through a cocktail. They suggest Ginger Cow, a mixture of Black Cow & English Strawberries, ginger ale with limes to garnish. Simple to make, load a highball glass with ice and add 35 ml of the vodka.

Top with the ginger ale and garnish with limes. Simple. Sit back and relax, and whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just the fact that there is hope that we are on our way out of lockdown, this is the perfect tipple.

A young English black cow in a field

Black Cow – what’s in the name?
If, like us, you’re wondering why it’s called Black Cow, then you’ll be fascinated to learn it all started with cheese. Yes, cheese! For 300 years and over several generations, the brand has been making cheese, and the idea to create a vodka lay in the bin.

After seeing how much milk was being wasted, inquisitive minds led them to make the first pure milk vodka. As odd as this may sound, the first person (that we know of) to pose the question, “Can you make alcohol out of milk?” was Genghis Khan.

Inspired by the greatest conqueror in history, Devon-based founders Jason Barber and Paul Archard set about to create the vodka. But it wasn’t easy an easy journey. It took the government body 18 months to decide if a vodka made out of milk is actually a vodka, and wondered where to place it on supermarket shelves!

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Black Cow & English Strawberries – Where and How?

Black Cow & English Strawberries retails at £25 for a 70 cl bottle and is available to buy at Ocado. For more information on Black Cow and their other products, visit www.blackcow.co.uk.

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