BoConcept Provide an Insight into the Interior Design Trends for 2021

BoConcept Provide an Insight into the Interior Design Trends for 2021

During the past 18 months, what people want and need from their homes have changed considerably. One significant change has been people adapting to working from home. In this feature, BoConcept provides and insight into what they see as the interior design trends for today and moving forward.

With the pandemic raging on and with some countries still amid a lockdown, staying home has been the de facto reality for most people who intend to stay safe. Working from home has become the new normal for many, making one’s home take on an even more significant role in our lives.

With this in mind, our surroundings have become crucial as to how we see the world and also how the world sees us. Zoom calls can be a window to our own inner sanctum, and therefore putting our best foot forward now includes the décor where we work, live, eat and sleep.

Just like most people wouldn’t be caught dead in a faded T-shirt or pair of crumply pyjamas, similarly, your décor should be tip-top as well. And just like our outfits, what’s in also apply to your décor. So what are the seven most enduring interior design trends for 2022?

Christine Thorsteinsson Damsgaard, Visual Expression Manager

According to Christine Thorsteinsson Damsgaard (above), Visual Expression Manager of BoConcept, a Luxury Lifestyle Awards global winner, no one can predict the future but what’s possible is that current trends can be analysed. Knowing what’s popular today will help you make better decisions regarding redecorating or renovating your home.

Here are seven top interior decorating trends to pay heed to in 2022.

The BoConcept Cupertino desk by the stairs in a hallway

1. The Home Office is Here to Stay
While some people love it, others hate it, but there’s no denying that working from home (WFH) is the new norm. Creating a specially designated space within your home is what most people are doing, and this is reason alone to redecorate or renovate. Whether you live in a semi-D or a walk-up apartment, it is crucial to carve out a space to work.

Having a special room dedicated to a home office would be great, but if not, a corner in your living room is fine too. Customised furnishing will ensure that every square inch of space is utilised to the maximum.

2. Adapting to the New Norm
For those companies who require their staff to return to the office, adjustments have to be made due to new regulations on social distancing and appropriate space/people ratios. Cramped offices are a thing of the past as pandemic anxiety often translates to employee dissatisfaction. Smart companies will pivot to incorporate new elements which will enhance wellness and the mental health of their staff.

3. Adaptable Spaces
As employees start returning to the office after a good part of a year working from home, sensitive bosses will realise that workspaces can’t remain the same as they were before the pandemic.

With some companies still allowing only a percentage of their staff to return while others still work from home, this rotation system will have to be reflected in the design of the new office. A welcoming and work conducive office will play an important part in this new reality, while clever planning and a well-thought-out design will feature prominently.

4. Nature is Best
Nowadays, it is back to basics, with nature playing an even greater role in our lives, including our workplaces. Biophilic has gained popularity in the interior design world of late, and for a good reason. Bringing nature and greenery indoors creates a pleasant and healthy environment as it incorporates natural sunlight, plants and increases our connection with nature.

Creating a tranquil space outdoors is an ideal way to recharge at home

5. Peace Pods
Escaping from your desk or work cubicle after several hours of intense concentration is vital for our mental health. To that end, a sanctuary or peace pod located nearby where one can go to meditate, recharge or just get away from staring at a computer screen is a must. It can be just going outside to a garden or park or a zen room or peace pod within the building to refresh yourself for a few minutes.

6. Newstalgic
Yes, you read it right. It’s not a typo. Newstalgic is where the old and nostalgic is seen through a modern and new lens. While the old is comforting and provides familiarity, the new offers something fresh and exciting. Combine the two, and you get the best of both worlds.

People working inside a Inside a BoConcept store

7. New Colours
Rich and vibrant Bloodstone Red is the colour of the moment and season, and it is expected to stay around for some time. Neither a one-hit-wonder nor a colour du jour, this luscious and passionate colour is predicted to be seen anywhere from sofas and curtains to beds spreads and wallpaper in 2022.

Calm neutrals will play a bigger role in interior design as it provides a backdrop for other colours. Warm and soothing to the eyes and nerves, neutrals don’t shout for attention, while layering different shades places the attention on textural details.

Shades of Grey are classic and never go out of style. Paired with neutrals, this tonal colour palette is easy on the eyes and wallet as mixing and matching become a breeze.

Go Green because nature will always provide inspiration for fashion, design and architecture. Used as a contrasting shade for earthier colours, green provides that pop of colour that isn’t too jarring yet bright enough to cheer up any room.

Yellow isn’t mellow, and neither is it dull. Like a ray of sunshine, yellow brightens anything up and puts a smile on a pandemic-weary world. Easy to match, it also adds contrast to quieter colours like beige and white.

Earthy Brown was last year’s favourite colour and continues to be this year’s too. But as things don’t stay static, 2022’s brown is richer and more vibrant, not unlike molten chocolate or truffle.

Blue is the new black. But think deep and muted blues. Need we say more?

BoConcept has created two distinct colour palettes that will help the novice or professional navigate through the decorating maze with clarity and ease. The first is the Metropolitan palette which exudes quiet luxury and features deep, saturated earthy tones. The other is Calming Neutrals, a Scandinavian-inspired collection with warm, creamy hues.

Female model sat on a BoConcept sofa

About BoConcept
Founded in 1952 in Denmark, BoConcept is regarded as the world’s most global furniture retailer, with over 300 stores spanning 64 countries. Working with award-winning designers, the brand creates collections for furniture, accessories and lighting for homes and offices. With the motto, ‘Live Ekstraordinær’, BoConcept is committed to bringing its flexible Interior Design Service and industry-leading customisation to private and public spaces without compromising on design vision or aesthetics.

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