Luxury Massage Chair Brand Bodyfriend Experiences 100% Spike in Sales

Luxury massage Chair Brand Bodyfriend sees 100% Spike in Post-lockdown Sales

Bodyfriend has reported a 100% surge in online sales following the easing of lockdown across Europe. The demand for healthcare products is continuing to rise as health and wellbeing become more important to individuals.

Lockdown for many has been a difficult time, and a good number of people have been searching for ways to make things a little palatable. Given the reasons for the lockdown, consumers have looked towards all types of products that can boost health and ease stress. One product which has been atop many people’s lists is a massage chair which would explain why South-Korean brand Bodyfriend has experienced a 100% increase in online sales for its products.

Having been fortunate to own one or two in my time, I must admit that I am a huge fan of massage chairs. Aside from obviously reducing stress and making you more relaxed, they’re also said to boost one’s immune system. This is what makes them an ideal product to help see you through these trying times.

Side view of one of the luxury massage chairs slightly reclined

If you’re not familiar with Bodyfriend, allow us to enlighten you. The brand originates from South Korea, a destination known for its advanced health and wellbeing innovations. 2020 marks the first anniversary of the opening of Bodyfriend’s first European flagship store on Boulevard Haussmann, Paris. Also, in March its Milan showroom was opened up on the world-renowned location, Via Manzoni.

Bodyfriend chairs feature human-centred technology with the aim of revolutionising healthier lifestyles. The company’s mission is to extend the ‘Healthy Life Years’ of its customers by ten years. The chairs have been meticulously developed by a team of doctors and medical specialists at their healthcare centre in Seoul, offering a wide variety of benefits. Designed to lower anxiety levels, boost productivity, aid insomnia, relax the body and mind and help overall physical health.

Bodyfriend luxury massage chair in blue and oatmeal

Monica Park of Bodyfriend Europe said: “The growth in both sales and enquiries is as a direct result of two key market factors. Firstly, French and Italian consumers, who have experienced some of the most severe lockdown circumstances and time during which to research how they can improve their health, wellbeing and spa facilities at home. And secondly, the investment we have made in growing awareness of our incredible massage chairs through innovative marketing has drawn attention to the brand and the benefits.

In South Korea, our high-end massage chairs retail at a rate of 130,000 each year. We are the established market leaders in luxury at home wellbeing. In Europe, Bodyfriend is a new concept. Our work over these past 12 months, creating the showroom in Paris on Boulevard Haussmann and educating new markets on the proven benefits of our luxury massage chairs are beginning to impact now.

Some of the recent successful marketing campaigns such as the collaboration with French football player Amandine Henry in France and our global association with K-pop supergroup BTS has helped catch the attention of new and diverse audiences. Bodyfriend has truly arrived in Europe.”

Prices for Bodyfriend’s luxury massage chairs range from €2,400 to €30,000. To purchase online or for more information, visit

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