Brabbu’s New Shinto Collection Combines the Best of the East and West

Brabbu's New Shinto Collection Combines the Best of the East and West

Leading design house Brabbu has unveiled its latest collection, which is called Shinto. The Shinto Collection comprises seven expertly crafted pieces, which will bring timeless elegance and a unique feel and look to your home.

During the past eighteen months, homes have played an even greater role in people’s lives. They’ve become places of work, fortresses of solitude, and a safe window from which to watch the world. This rediscovered affection for the home has resulted in a huge boom in interior design and home improvements worldwide, with people changing and adapting their homes to meet their needs.

Furniture is one of the most important components when it comes to changing the feel of your home. In this feature, we’re taking a look at the latest offerings from the design brand Brabbu; it’s called the Shinto Collection and is said to be the perfect fusion of Eastern inspiration and Western design mastery.

About Brabbu
We’ve followed Brabbu’s journey right from their earliest days, first featuring them more than a decade ago. They are a design brand offering a diverse range of furniture, lighting and rugs, case goods and much more. Its brilliant team of designers are constantly pushing design boundaries, seeking to make each piece something capable of provoking emotions and happy feelings.

One of Brabbu's previous design collaborations with a high-end hotel

They’ve obviously gotten this right as they frequently find themselves partnering on many of the world’s most renowned hospitality and residential projects.

About the Shinto Collection
Brabbu’s designers are known for creating visually powerful and functional furniture. They’ve continued this with the Shinto Collection, which combines the highest quality materials and innovative techniques. All of the seven products in the new collection have been lacquered in gloss black and take inspiration from the power and nature of Shinto shrines.

Below, we’re taking a closer look at each of the pieces that make up the new Brabbu collection:

The Shinto II Desk

The Brabbu Shinto II Desk

Given the huge increase in people working part-time or full time from home, it’s a wise move by Brabbu to introduce a desk option. The Shinto II desk is a beautiful looking piece and seems dateless. This fine piece of handcrafted furniture should help improve productivity and will make a gorgeous focal point in any home office.

The Shinto Round Dining Table

The Brabbu Shinto round dining table

The Shinto Round dining table is another piece that should create gasps and wows from visitors. Its sheer beauty should help keep the conversation and mirth flowing, and no doubt, will also become one of the major topics of conversation.

The Shinto Sideboard

The Brabbu Shinto sideboard

Sideboards are not just for storage, serving as extra pieces of furniture to complement existing décor, and this one is the perfect sideboard for a dining or living room, filling spaces with elegance and sobriety.

The Shinto Rectangle Center Table

The Brabbu Shinto Rectangle Centre Table

This beautiful rectangular table is both modern and sophisticated and would make a fantastic focal point in any living room. It is stylish and functional and will add an extra touch of magnificence to any classic or contemporary room design.

The Shinto I & II Console’s

The Console from Brabbu's Shinto collection

With a black structure and white tabletop, Shinto Consoles are an ideal fit for any modern classic set, having the power to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the environment, bringing “Kami” supernatural force to the space.

The Shinto Bedside Table

The Brabbu Shinto side table

Shinto Bedside table is a superb option for a modern and classic bedroom design, providing it with an even more refined look to the space and being the right product to safe keep all important objects.

Brabbu Shinto Collection – Where and how?

Brabbu’s products are designed and handcrafted in Europe. Their team of designers and craftsmen constantly seeks to introduce nature through design, which is done via their materials, textures, scents, and colours.

One aspect that separates Brabbu from other leading design houses is that they offer a relatively short lead time. For more information on the new Shinto collection, pricing and to discuss placing an order, please visit

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Brabbu's New Shinto Collection Combines the Best of the East and West 2


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