Brahman’s Home launches with a photo shoot at Chateau de Gudanes

Brahman’s Home launches with a photo shoot at Chateau de Gudanes
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Brahman’s Home are a new brand from Poland offering exclusive furniture and accessories made from high quality, natural materials

The inaugural collection by Brahman’s Home was launched at the beautiful French palace Chateau de Gudanes with a photo shoot by Sonia Szóstak. For the past few years, Sonia has collaborated with magazines, designers, musicians and actors. A few years ago in 2011 she was not only featured by Fashion Magazine as the “best debutante”, but also by Le Book, for having produced one of the world’s best magazine covers in 2010.

Brahman’s Home launches inaugural collectionBrahman’s Home’s ideals are deeply centered within a theme of Five Elements, these are stone, wood, leather, glass and metal and are inspired by Far-Eastern Philosophy. The harmony of these elements allow them to create furniture, characterised by timeless aesthetics and high durability. The inaugural collection by the brand is made up of 21 products consisting of tables, chairs, coffee tables, cupboards and accessories. The collection is made from precious and natural materials, expertly crafted by experienced Polish artisans. The brand are also fans of one of the world’s finest marbles quarried in the province of Massa and Carrara in the Lunigiana, (the northernmost tip of modern-day Tuscany), Italy, it is, of course, Carrara Marble.

The metal elements in the collection are stainless steel and galvanized with 24k gold. The American walnut used to make tables, chairs and cupboards has excellent reliability and is hard-wearing. American walnut has been proven over the years to be both versatile and tough, so much so it was used by the U.S. army to produce the stocks on their weapons. The walnut has excellent aesthetic qualities, characterised by intense, dark colours and an attractive grain.

As we arranged private spaces, we were looking for furniture and accessories that would be reliably made of precious materials and which at the same time would have elusive elements – classical, timeless value that can be conveyed from one generation to another without losing the timeliness. Our aim was also to highlight the beauty of material itself, which nowadays is often overshadowed by overwhelming form – says Grzegorz Zbroszczyk, Brahman’s Home brand’s co-founder.

As mentioned earlier, the Brahman’s Home collection was launched with a photo shoot by Sonia Szóstak. The photo shoot took place in the palace interiors of the Chateau De Gudanes castle, located at the foot of the French Pyrenees. The sophisticated aesthetics of this photo session makes reference to the Fine Arts and haute couture fashion.

The shoot was initiated by Wojciech Łanecki, the brand’s creative director and the visionary behind this inaugural collection.

I took the idea for the photo shoot of the Brahman’s collection from the world of luxury fashion – says Wojciech Łanecki, the creative director of Brahman’s Home. I find haute couture collections true works of art, which express respect and admiration for beauty, for elegance, precious materials and master craftsmanship. In Brahman’s Home we share the same values, so the session shows best what we would like to say about our brand.

The styling was done by Ewelina Gralak, hair by Gor Duryan and makeup by Marianna Yurkiewicz. The photo shoot at the Chateau de Gudanes was arranged by the Jagody Studio from Poznań. The photo shoot featured models from the Model Plus modelling agency.

The furniture and accessories from Brahman’s Home will be available in selected retail furniture stores soon.

Further information on Brahman’s Home

Grzegorz Zbroszczyk and Marek Zbroszczyk - Founders of Brahman’s Home

Brahman’s Home are a Polish furniture and interior design elements brand. The company was founded on the initiative of Grzegorz and Marek Zbroszczyk. The brand’s creative director is Wojciech Łanecki from the Sir Henry Studio, whose previous projects were highly lauded by the Polish press and also abroad. The brand's creative director, Wojciech ŁaneckiBrahman’s Home is characterised by classical forms and high-quality materials and the interior harmony that results from a connection of Five Elements consisting of stone, wood, leather, glass and metal. All the Brahman’s Home products are made in Poland by qualified craftsman and are based upon original projects by Wojciech Łanecki. Experienced stonemasons, carvers, carpenters, furriers, glaziers and locksmiths ensure that the Five Elements of the Brahman’s Home theme provide a solid, physical form that will meet the clients’ requirements and tastes.

High-quality materials, such as American walnut wood, Carrara marble and stainless steel covered with 24k gold are sourced from Poland and other locations around the world. These chosen suppliers guarantee the highest quality and at the same time respect the environment and fair trade rules.

Brahman’s Home launches inaugural collection

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