Pinkster Gin Will Be a Welcomed Guest at Every Special Occasion

Pinkster Gin is the Ideal Tipple to Celebrate Any Special Occasion

During recent months, the people at Pinkster Gin have been busily beavering away, working long hours to create some great packages to help you celebrate all the special occasions that pop up during the year. Sabi Phagura takes a close look at what the clever minds behind this much-loved British Gin have come up with.

A little background to Pinkster Gin
Many of us will have seen our supermarket shelves lined with pink gins during recent years and thought it was nothing more than a new marketing ploy to help it stand out from other spirits. You’d be wrong; Pink Gins, in one form or another, have been with us for far longer than you probably thought.

Distillers created pink Gin in the mid-19th century upon discovering that not everyone enjoyed traditional Gin’s taste. This prompted them to start experimenting with fresh berries. They found that this didn’t affect the alcohol content, had no added sugar and form many was more pleasant on the palette.

The brand's founder, Stephen Marsh sat in a step with a glass of gin in hand
Stephen Marsh.

The Pinkster Gin brand was founded in 2013 by Stephen Marsh and came about through pure chance.

During the early days, Stephen began experimenting at home with his favourite fruits and other botanicals and found the perfect mix by using real raspberries. With his recipe perfected, he made the decision to go into large scale production, and so, the story of Pinkster Gin was born.

Things to know
One of the first things you notice about the Gin is the oh so chic bottle with its rectangular shape and elegant design. It certainly wouldn’t look out of place at a decent dinner party table or indeed your social media page as it’s highly Instagrammable.

The bottle’s straight edges are dominating, and the minimal pink label subtly lets you know this is a special infused gin. The usual familiar juniper smell associated with Gin is ever-present, but in addition, there is also a very noticeable fruity whiff that can be detected at the back of your nose.

The fresh scents of raspberry and citrus hit you upon opening the bottle, and underneath, you’ll notice the fruitiness, which is a subtle piney juniper teamed with floral notes.

A wide variety of ingredients you can add to change the flavour of gin

The taste is quite an interesting one and varies as expected depending on how you drink it. When you drink it neat, juniper and coriander are obvious and is rather sweet to the taste. You can, of course, make it sweeter by mixing it with lemonade. But if you prefer your Gin to be on the bitter side, then tonic water is your best bet.

The Pinkster HQ recommend serving it with raspberries and mint. They say the two combined transform the experience into a refreshing twist to the drink.

Below is the gin products we feel would make help to make any celebration even more special:

Image showing the three-litre gin on tap box

Pinkster on Tap
Pinkster on Tap is a three-litre gin box. The portable gin box is equivalent to more than four regular bottles and makes over 100 serves. It’s currently on offer at a reduced price of £99.00 and comes with free doorstep delivery in 48 hours. What’s more, the packaging is 100% recyclable.

The items inside the Gin tasting kit for two

Pinkster Gin Tasting Kit for Two
There are five different serves inside the Home tasting Kit for two. These consist of everything from the potent Gimlet cocktail to a Hedgepig fruit gin liqueur made with foraged wild bullace and quince.

Inside the kit, you’ll discover a 5cl Gin, 5cl Royale, 5cl Gimlet (pre-mixed cocktail), 5cl Hedgepig Wild Bullace and Quince, 5cl Triple Distilled Gin (the base gin for Pinkster). To help you achieve the ideal combination, the kit also includes a 200ml Fever-Tree Indian Tonic, 200ml Fever-Tree Ginger Ale and a few sachets of Pinkster Gin Jam Cocktail Mix and a mini jar of Pinkster Gin Jam. RRP: £30

Two glasses and a jug filled with Pinkster Gimlet

Pinkster Gimlet
Launched in 2020 during the lockdown, the Gimlet is the distillers first pre-made cocktail for home drinking without the fuss. Made with Gin, sugar syrup and lime juice, it is a subtle twist on the cocktail revered for having a tangy sweetness and an ice-cold slap of dry Gin. It’s traditionally drunk in a Martini glass, but if you don’t have such a vessel, it can be served in an ice-filled wine glass and topped up with sparkling water. RRP: £26

A jar of Gin Jam on a wooden work surface with some berries

Pinkster Gin Jam
This mildly alcoholic jam is perfect for putting the tipple back in your teatime or even breakfast if you’re brave. Think scones, pancakes or even as an extra garnish to a cocktail. RRP £6.50

A bottle of Pinkster Gin with a glass filled to the brim

Pinkster Gin
If you are a purist, then the 70 cl bottle of Gin is the ticket. The original pink Gin, made with real raspberries, will go down a treat with any gin-fan who’s celebrating or just those feeling they deserve a special treat as a reward. RRP £35

Pinkster Gin – Where and How?

To find out more about the distillers, to view their entire range of products, or to order one of their packages, visit

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