British design company Industrial North Design launch their limited edition Britannic and Vanguard watches.

British design company Industrial North Design launch their limited edition Britannic and Vanguard watches.

Industrial North Design, a design studio specialising in bespoke products and collections announced the debut of their much anticipated luxury time pieces, the Britannic and Vanguard watches.

The decision to make a limited edition of 15 timepieces was taken in 2007 when automotive stylists Andy Shaw and Rob Silkstone had the idea of using ultra modern manufacturing methods to build an Industrial-luxury brand. The Industrial North Design Britannic and Vanguard watches use precision engineering practices such as CNC machining and wire EDM – cutting solid stainless steel with a wire carrying 32,000 volts to achieve manufacturing tolerances of just 0.002mm.

“Our ethos is ‘British Luxury Design with Soul’, fusing modern manufacturing with influences from our industrial heritage in Great Britain” said Founding Partner Rob Silkstone. “ We wanted to make something which looks elegant yet industrial and tells a story about the way it is made.”

The watch cases for the Industrial North Design Britannic and Vanguard are custom made by engineers who also make precision parts for jet turbine engines for Rolls-Royce. The sapphire crystal lenses are custom ground from solid bar in the UK and each strap is made to measure in England.

The timepieces both feature 2824 Automatic movements which are modified, assembled and calibrated in the UK.

“The feedback so far has been amazing” said Industrial designer Andy Shaw. ” The timepieces take influence from nature, the fibonacci spiral and apian architecture (the structure of the beehive) contrasted with traditional British heavy engineering. We hope to work on new additions to our range in the coming years”.

Industrial North Design is a young British studio specialising in strictly limited edition products. Their luxury collection is influenced by elegant natural structures contrasted with the heritage of their native northern England, home of the industrial revolution. Staying faithful to their ancestors by using precision industrial manufacturing processes, artisan engineers and cutting edge technologies.

The Britannic and Vanguard watches are made to order and are exclusively available online through the company Website at:

Industrial North Design Britannic watch

Industrial North Design Britannic watch

The striking Fibbonacci spiral is etched into the face of this strictly limited timepiece. The design influences here are evidently industrial having a striking bold look designed around precision engineering processes. The 316L stainless steel body is constructed using 10BA thread screws, a gentle acknowledgement of the obsolete ‘British acssociation’ imperial engineering threads.
Limited edition of 15 £2,600

Industrial North Design Vanguard watch

Industrial North Design Vanguard watch

The British Ministry of Information inscription on the back of this watch ‘COME INTO THE FACTORIES’ harks back to the final days of the British Empire. Bold industrial influences are taken from Britain’s great engineering heritage and achieved through CNC wire erosion and Photochemical etching. The design tolerances are an astonishing 0.002mm due to the painstaking manufacturing methods employed.
Limited edition of 15 £2,600

  • Custom Options: Watch Face: Acid etched to a unique design. ADD £600
  • Watch Back: Laser engraved to a unique design. ADD £600
  • Custom Strap – A Choice of leather colour and choice of stitching colour. ADD £400
  • PVD Coating – All stainless steel parts of the watch receive a matt black finish. ADD £1,800
  • Made to measure strap – ADD £100 (please supply wrist diameter in cm when ordering)

Both the Britannic and Vanguard watches are custom made to order and take 6-8 weeks to manufacture.

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