Candalia is the Ideal Way to Lift Your Mood and Give Your Home a Glow

Candalia is the Ideal Way to Lift Your Mood and Give Your Home a Glow

In this day and age, we could all do with something to lift our moods, and we’ve found a simple way to do this. Sabi Phagura decided to give her serotonin and endorphins a boost by looking into the products offered by Candalia, the luxury home fragrance brand.

Candles have been around for thousands of years, and for a long time, their main principle was simply to bring light. Today, however, they provide a lot more than that. They have been turned into an interior accessory to add a personal touch to your home and promote a cosy ambience.

In recent years, reed diffusers have hit the market which continuously spread fragrance around the home without having to switch them on and off or worry about an open flame.

But the rise of candles has an even more profound effect on the senses than just the nose. Lighting a candle, especially a therapeutic one, can promote a sense of wellbeing and calm. It can also act as a stress releaser and keep anxiety at bay. If you ever feel overwhelmed with negative feelings, which let’s face it, has been on the increase since the global pandemic, the soft candlelight and the scent of essential oils burning can help you relax and feel calmer.

Woman smelling the scent of a rose

Fragrances are provocative. Think about it. Who doesn’t have a scent in mind that reminds them of a special memory? Fragrance can conjure up a lot of pleasant things, taking us to sunny beaches to wild forests. And those memories can evoke feel-good memories, so having a scent around the home will do wonders to lift the mood.

Choosing a fragrance then is as personal and individual as you. And while there are countless candles out there, they are not always created equally. Some may smell nice at close proximity, but once lit, they release little to no fragrance.

Candalia London range of scented products

On our journey to find perfumed fragrance candles and reed diffusers, we recently discovered a new luxury home fragrance brand by the name of Candalia.

Its creator Alia Shah launched the brand after being inspired by a love of travel, fragrance and design. And given that we can’t travel much right now with COVID-19, Candalia’s range of elegant candles and diffusers promises to deliver beautifully aromatic scents to conjure up some amazing memories from days out without us venturing far.

Candalia London fleur d'Oranges candle

Each hand-poured 100% natural wax candle, as well as the home diffusers, are sourced from the finest, sustainable ingredients from across the world. There are six stunning fragrant combinations to choose from, spanning the intoxicating Oud & Bois De Santal packed full of Arabian oud, sandalwood and agarwood, to the refreshing Spring Bouquet with notes of lily of the valley, jasmine and wisteria. And I can vouch for the former.

Placed on the sideboard in the hallway, the diffuser releases the right amount of fragrance to hit me as I enter through the door. I would liken it to a strong aftershave, and if, like me, you’re a magnet to men’s fragrances, this scent is definitely for you.

Candalia London Velvet Rouge candle and diffuser

But if that’s not the fragrance for you, there are five other scents to choose from. Each candle and diffuser have been meticulously crafted to promote relaxation and build an ambience around the home that enhances wellbeing.

Alia has always had an appreciation for sumptuous scents and went on a search to source the finest ingredients to create products that are sustainable, luxurious and high quality. She wanted the range to be a blend of background aroma and wellbeing.

Furthermore, sustainability is at the heart of Candalia. Hence, the brand pays close attention to all the product packaging, which are all produced from FSC certified materials, so you won’t find any cellophane wraps around their boxes.

Candalia London fleur d'Oranges candle

Clean burning is also an important factor in sustainability, which is why Candalia does not use any core around the wick. This means the candles burn evenly and the amount of smoke and carbon emitted is significantly reduced, without compromising the quality of the fragrance. The candles and diffuser vessels can also be recycled or repurposed. Candalia is kind to you and even kinder to the environment.

Candalia – Where and How?

Each 77g candle costs £15.00, a 220g candle costs £35.00, and diffusers are priced at £47.00. For further information, visit

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Candalia is the Ideal Way to Lift Your Mood and Give Your Home a Glow 2


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