Why Investing in a Cask of Scotch Whisky in 2022 is a Wise Decision

Why Investing in a Cask of Scotch Whisky in 2022 is a Wise Decision

Buying something for yourself or gifting something to another that will almost certainly increase in value would be quite a wise move in these somewhat uncertain times. One sector that has been on a tear recently is the whisky industry and in this feature, we’re looking at why you should consider investing in a Cask of Scotch Whisky in 2022.

Most of us know someone who claims or appears to have everything. However, it’s almost a certainty that the one thing they won’t own is a cask of whisky. Over recent years, whisky investment has been booming, and during the past 18 months, we’ve seen staggering prices paid for some first batches from high-quality distilleries.

Our regular readers will likely remember the story we ran on Roger Parfitt, who made an incredible 4,600% return on some cask whisky he purchased 27 years earlier. It would be rather lovely to replicate what Roger did, wouldn’t it?

Owning a cask of whisky is rare and something that special someone can boast about and enjoy for years to come, making it the perfect present for the person who has it all. It’s versatile, too, as the recipient can choose whether to bottle it to drink or let it mature in taste over time. The choice is theirs.

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Whether it’s a gift for the whisky lover in your life or for someone special in the family as an heirloom, the beauty of purchasing a cask is that besides being enjoyed when the time is right, it also increases in value year-on-year, giving the recipient greater choice in the future.

Typically, a cask of newmake whisky will produce approximately 300 bottles; the longer you keep it inside the cask, the fewer bottles it produces due to what’s known as the ‘angel’s share’, but the quality will increase over time. And because cask purchases aren’t affected by Capital Gains Tax, beneficiaries can enjoy 100% of the cask profits in the future.

As a specialist whisky cask stockist based throughout the UK, Whisky Investment Partners exists to make purchasing whisky casks easier for investors. A recent customer survey revealed that one in four investors are looking to gift their portfolio to a friend or relative.

Alistair Moncrieff, the Managing Partner at Whisky Investment Partners, says, “A cask of whisky isn’t the most obvious choice for a gift, but it can offer something really special. Not only do beneficiaries receive something that’s likely to be the envy of their friends, but they also own a tangible asset which they decide when to bottle and sell it on and how to spend their returns. Alternatively, they can simply enjoy their own bottled world-class whisky.”

Some stacked casks of whiskyThe Scotch Whisky industry is currently worth £4.91 billion a year*, and securing good returns from whisky maturation has been achieved for decades. Investing in a cask of whisky is now viewed as one of the safest, most secure assets you can hold, alongside gold.

What’s more, with a variety of world-renowned distillers to choose from, including Macallan and Bladnoch, you can be sure you’re gifting or drinking the most exemplary quality Scotch whisky.

In the scotch whisky industry, whisky is stored in casks, with 60-80% of the taste coming from the cask itself through maturation. In Scotland, the spirit must mature for a minimum of three years before it is legally classed as whisky, and in this time, the spirit will be heavily influenced by the cask it’s been in; the type of wood used, age, size, and the previous liquid in the cask all matter.

With single, entry-level casks starting from £2,200 and pallets of six available for up to £15,000, there’s a gift option for any budget.

If you are interested in buying a whisky cask, we recommend you visit www.whiskyinvestmentpartners.com.

*Information attained from Whisky Investment Partners 2021 White Paper.

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Why Investing in a Cask of Scotch Whisky in 2022 is a Wise Decision 2


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