The Historic Castel Valer In Italy Is Ready For A New Owner

The Historic Castel Valer In Italy Is Ready For A New Owner

Castel Valer, a magnificent property embedded in the picturesque landscape of the Italian Alps, is set to be sold by auction

Embedded in the picturesque landscape and surrounded by majestic forests, this lavishly furnished and decorated castle tells a story about ancient times. For 650 years, this privately owned castle has been in the possession of the aristocrat family of Count Spaur zu Flavon und Valer.

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The lordly residence with more than 80 rooms provides family and guests with 15 bedrooms with 14 washrooms and the generous knights hall for extravagant soirees. Besides a well-equipped library and cosy living rooms the gardens and apple orchards invite guests to linger and enjoy the breathtaking view over the Non-Valley.

Many myths and legends surround Castel Valer, which was built between the 12th and 17th centuries on the site of Roman ruins. Initially owned by ancient Romans and then an Austrian Emperor, it also served Pope Pius IX as a shelter during the revolution in Rome.

Architecture from the Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque époques are evident in the castles’ design. It is a unique reminiscence of European history as the original architecture and parts of the initial interior are beautifully preserved.

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Built in the 12th century, a 40-meter high octagonal granite tower is the centre of the castle. The only access to the tower is an old wooden bridge, which the inhabitants – after having withdrawn into the tower – could destroy in case of occupation. Later, during WWI, it served Italian as well as German warlords as a military base. Eyewitnesses recount enemy planes crashing to pieces on a nearby mountain after being hit by the anti-aircraft artillery located within the Castel Valer tower. Fortunately, as Castel Valer had been an operational command centre during the war and was thus relatively unharmed by war events.

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Two chapels with beautiful frescoes dating back to the 15th and 16th centuries are at the heart of the castle and are one of the Count’s favourite settings. One chapel consecrated to Saint Sebastian is located within the castle. The second, chapel San Valerio, of 1472 was consecrated by the Bishop of Trent. The frescos of the famous painters Giovanni and Christoforo Baschenis are excellently preserved. Chapel San Valerio was fully restored in 1996 and won the prestigious prize of the “best-restored chapel in private ownership in Europe” by Europa Nostra, a pan-European Federation for Cultural Heritage.

The Madrutz Rooms, named after Cardinal Madrutz who had lived in these rooms during the Council of Trent (1545-1563), show unique friezes of Marcello Fogolino dating back to the 16th century. These friezes (broad horizontal bands of painted decoration) exist only because when Fogolino was found guilty of murdering his barber, Count Ulrich Spaur allowed Fogolino to serve out his sentence through his artistic work within the castle.

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The melange of outstanding architecture, authentic furniture collection and artistic treasures provide the viewer the experience of travelling back in time. Original glass chandeliers, Venetian mirrors, oil paintings, etc. add to the distinctive artistic charm of the castle. Particularly remarkable is a spinet (the predecessors of today’s piano), which W.A. Mozart played on. The cleric Count Ignaz Spaur was Mozarts’ patron and supported his career. Mozart showed his gratitude to the cleric and composed the Spaur Mass (KV 258) for him.

Count Ulrich Spaur zu Flavon und Valer continuously renovated and modernised the castle, providing up to date amenities, paying very close attention to preserving the heritage value of this beautiful treasure. In addition to the 16 original tiled stoves, all rooms are heated with modern pellet and oil heating.

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After spending centuries in the possession of the family Count Spaur zu Flavon und Valer, the property will finally change ownership on 22 September 2016. “It is a historical moment and a once in a lifetime opportunity”, notes Heidemarie Schwatlo, the vendor’s representative and internationally renowned Real Estate Advisor. In cooperation with the NY based auction company Concierge Auctions, Heidemarie Schwatlo ensures the smooth transition of Castel Valer to new ownership. With her company box8 AG, Schwatlo takes a new approach to real estate sales by introducing auctions for prestigious estates in Europe.


Castel Valer symbolises Italy’s rich historic heritage and family lineage evident in the words of Count Spaur zu Flavon und Valer himself, “I would like to see the home of my ancestors in good hands for centuries to come”.

Heidemarie Schwatlo
Heidemarie Schwatlo

Overseeing the sale of Castel Valer is Heidemarie Schwatlo, founder of the Real Estate Advisory and Family Office Company box8 AG in Zurich. As a result of her 28 years of expertise in selling high-end properties around the world, Schwatlo has built up an incredible global network. Amongst her many accomplishments, Schwatlo gained knowledge in many fields of business including being a member of the Supervisory Board at Engel & Voelkers St. Moritz (real estate agency), providing real estate advice for banks and trusts, being COO for a yacht builder, as well as commercially organising golf tournaments. She integrates knowledge of her education as a banking specialist in the 1990s to her current real estate and investment endeavours. Not only is Schwatlo known as a leading professional in her field, she demonstrates a profound knowledge of the real estate market. Schwatlo’s international clients, including royal houses, oligarchs, and businessmen and women, honour her discretion, loyalty and confidentiality that she portrays in all of her engagements.

For this cosmopolitan Bavarian businesswoman, spending weekends in her retreat in Kitzbuehel (Austria), biking, playing golf, hiking and hosting dinner parties for family and friends, provide the rejuvenation she needs to refuel her for her fast pace and dynamic career in real estate sales.

“Every luxury property is a piece of art and deserves a professional and careful handling“ is Schwatlo’s professional credo which has gained her tremendous esteem in her career.

Castel Valer Quick Facts

  • 18.5 acres property consisting of 6.9 acres apple orchards, 5.9 acres forest and 35,520 square feet of net living space
  • The castle consists of 80 rooms: 15 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, five kitchens, knight’s hall, library, octagonal tower, wine cellars, etc.
  • Built on the grounds of Roman ruins with Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque architectural elements
  • Carefully furnished with an eye to authentic historical pieces including an original spinet used by W.A. Mozart
  • Two chapels with frescoes dating back to the 15th and 16th century, a 40-meter high octagonal granite tower and much more
  • Net-Value excl. furnishing £27.22 m (€31.6 m)
  • Total Value incl. furnishing £30 m (€35 m)
  • Region: northern Italy; Province: Trient; Noun Tal; Town: Tassullo

For more information contact Heidemarie Schwatlo or Christiane Egger at

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