CELSIUS X VI II Micromechanical mobile phone featuring Remontage Papillon winding system

CELSIUS X VI II Micromechanical mobile phone featuring Remontage Papillon winding systemCELSIUS X VI II “Pièce Unique” for Only Watch Micromechanical mobile phone featuring a revolutionary fiber optic display (Image Guiding System) and the patented “Remontage Papillon” winding system.

Delivered in a mechanical ebony box and accompanied by a set of unique accessories: Holster, Pouch, Docking Station, Mechanical Chain, Headset and Certificate.

Case: In titanium, sapphire crystal and quartz fiber.

Dial: Black gold with 3 dimensional °C logo. Movement: 50 jewel, ¾ bridge with visible escapement wheel and unique index system. Revolutionary fiber optic display (Image Guiding System) for the big date and the GMT. Patented mechanical hinge (Remontage Papillon) that generates, with each opening and closing of the clamshell phone, an additional 2.23 hours of power reserve. Dimensions: 100 x 48 x 30 mm. 

About Celsius X VI II
Celsius X VI II, a French company founded in May 2006 by 3 young entrepreneurs, is preparing to put an item on the market that should set a new standard in the world of prestige products – a butterfly-winged creation that is much more than just the sum of its functions. In an era of highly impersonal interaction, as paper and pen give way to ephemeral screens and keyboards, Celsius X VI II innovates by creating nomadic “Objets d’Art” that restore the emotional facets of communication.

Celsius X VI II has developed LeDIX – its first papillon item as an accessory for the contemporary aesthete. The successive design sketches reveal a quest for perfect elegant – skilfully contoured lines, fine materials and subtle details – through a functionalist approach, beauty without excess. The quality of the manufacture hints at a fine watchmaking influence. The pieces of the case are of the best workmanship, and most of the roughly 600 mechanical components are hand-finished. The aesthetic design plays with transparency to reveal the magic of the technology, to an even greater extent than would be allowed by the butterfly design alone.

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