Chantecler Jewellery – Inspired By The Natural Beauty Of Capri

Chantecler Jewellery - Inspired By The Natural Beauty Of Capri

Smitha Sadananadan explores the Italian Jewellery brand Chantecler and uncovers the inspiration behind their exquisite designs

Jewellers love soaking up inspirations from landscapes and nature, which serves as a creative palette for their designs. Some even go as far exploring an entire island and translating the history, diversity, colours and richness in nature into their designs. Capri-based fine jewellery brand Chantecler does exactly that.


Precious stones expert Salvatore Aprea and Pietro Capuano founded Chantecler and opened the first boutique in Capri in 1947.

Maria Elena Aprea
Maria Elena Aprea

A holiday destination favoured by jet-setters, artists, writers and entrepreneurs, Capri saw the likes of Jackie Kennedy, Ingrid Bergman, Liz Taylor, Maria Callas falling in love with Chanctecler’s beautiful designs – all inspired by the island. Helmed by Salvatore’s heirs, Gabriele Aprea, Maria Elena Aprea and Costanza Aprea, Chantecler has carved a niche for itself far beyond the island of Capri.

When Maria Elena creates a piece of jewellery, she looks for inspiration in everything that characterises the island: its originality, luxuriant natural beauty and vivid colours. “I try to reproduce with utmost dedication its beauty and design, just like a tailor would in his atelier, ensuring that even the most hidden finishing and details reflect perfection. I envisage the women who would wear the Chantecler jewel and her character,” says Maria Elena, Creative Director and Retail Director, who loves to use a multitude of stones and variegated materials in her designs.

Chantecler bubble necklace

Bright Hues
Crafted in the workshops in Valenza, the colourful Chantecler jewellery is set in interesting materials such as titanium and aluminium, besides gold. Adorned with semi-precious stones and gems like diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires, the motifs are picked out in bright hues and daring colour combinations. The turquoise waters surrounding the isle come alive in the Blue Grotto Campanella design, the white and soft pastel shades of the houses spring up cheerfully in the Paillettes collection, while the use of corals evokes the Pompeian red of the Roman ruins.

Chantecler Maiolica Ring

The Maiolica collection, for instance, celebrates the bright ‘maioliche’ ceramic tiles that liven up streets, villas and hotels in the region. Capri once again influences Chantecler, as the Enchanté collection embodies the shape of irregular rocks from the famed paved path that connects the historical centre to Marina Piccola, a small port.

Statement jewels
Bougainvillea, rooster and cactus tend to find their way into Chantecler’s high jewellery inspirations, while other iconic pieces embody design elements and shapes from bells, villas and streets. A noteworthy statement piece is the DiAmour choker necklace, featuring a glammed up diamond-studded rooster.

Chantecler Jewellery - Inspired By The Natural Beauty Of Capri 4

Yet another new masterpiece is a unique ring for which the brand collaborated with talented Italian illustrator Fabio Finocchhioli. The idea was to capture the Capri of the fifties along with the joie de vivre, its eccentricity and light-heartedness. The Finocchhioli has, with great mastery, revisited history for this stunning design.

Chantecler continually explores Capri, the sky and the sea to distill the unsurpassed natural beauty into its eminently wearable creations. The creations are cheerful, eye-catching and very Italian.

Chantecler Jewellery - Inspired By The Natural Beauty Of Capri 5

Chantecler Jewellery – Where and how

If you love Chantecler’s creations, reach out to Casale and Co, who handle the brand’s enquiries in UK, T: +44 2077 537623/ M: +44 7772 288586 /E: [email protected]


See more of Chantecler’s creations in the gallery below

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