Chapman’s Bar, Uncle Lim’s Kitchen and Fisherman’s Cove at Pangkor Laut.

If you choose to lounge about on the beach instead, heading to Emerald Bay, there’s a heavenly little lunch spot right there, my personal favourite - Chapman's Bar.

If you prefer to lounge about on the beach, head to Emerald Bay, there’s a heavenly little lunch spot there, my personal favourite – Chapman’s Bar. Here you can find many local and Western favourites to satisfy your hunger throughout the day as well as an impressive variety of drinks.

Everything we tried on the menu was simply delicious. It might have something to do with the setting, on the beach, with your feet in the warm golden sand and a sea breeze running through your hair, but I’m sure it’s the new resident chef, who deserves the credit. Even some dishes I wouldn’t ordinarily like were so tasty, I’d order them again without hesitation. We had a Banana Leaf Set Lunch and that blew me away as one of the tastiest selection of dishes I’ve ever eaten. The light and refreshing Citrus-Shrimp Salad for the starter was delightful, it struck me as a fabulous combination of flavours and you can freely enjoy it without worrying about piling on pounds, if you’re watching your figure and want to continue  looking good in a swimming suite for the rest of your holiday, it is perfect. It was accompanied by another local favourite – Gado-Gado salad and mouthwatering juicy chicken and beef Satays with home-made thick and creamy peanut sauce.

Emerald Bay - Pangkor LautThe main course comprised a remarkable display of Indian dishes: Prawn Masala, Chicken Varuvar, Lamb, Fish and Vegetable mustard Arry, Dhall and mango, onion and tomato chutney. To be honest, I am not a big fan of Indian cuisine, but, WOW, that selection could easily convert me into one. I just hope next time we stay at Pangkor Laut I’ll have a chance to try it all again. The dessert didn’t disappoint either, so it well and truly ended on a high.

We had a local favourite Sago Gula Melaka, served inside a fresh coconut that looked great and was fun to eat. This was an excellent lunch and we felt full for the rest of the day. Luckily we didn’t plan to go swimming in the sea that afternoon, I‘m not sure how that would have gone! Although I would heartily recommend this feast as a must try experience, you don’t have to have a huge meal but settle for a light snack instead. There is plenty to choose from.

Another unforgettable experience you may want to try at Emerald Bay is a Private Dinner right on the beach, but more on that later.

Back at the main part of the resort, a brisk walk on the wooden walk-ways on stilts past the sea-villas while taking in the breathtaking views of the waves in-front and beneath you and you’ll reach an unusual structure, a huge pagoda-like wooden building, mounted on top of an impressive natural rock formation, with trees growing right through it. It’s a big favourite with families, the famous Uncle Lim’s Kitchen. The restaurant’s specialty is local cuisine – Chinese and Nyonya. So, if you plan a fun evening with the whole family or a group of friends, and are a big fan of Asian cuisine, it’s a perfect place for your evening meal. There’s no strict dress code, very relaxed atmosphere, you can simply have fun with your friends and enjoy yourself.

Alternatively you can head further down the coast to Fisherman’s Cove for your fine-dining experience. Just a few minute walk from Uncle Lim’s, set close to The Spa Village right above the sea. The tone of this restaurant couldn’t be more different to Uncle Lim’s. Strict dress code please,  no shorts or flip-flops attire, or children under the age of 16. Fishermen’s Cove is appropriately serene and stylish with quiet music and only the sound of the waves interrupting your conversation.

Fishermans Cove Fine Dining Resturant at Pangkor LautThere’s a dynamic show kitchen, far-reaching views over the sea and an impressive display of freshly caught sea-food available to order. Here they specialize in Western Grill, Italian Cuisine and Asian Fusion. The menu is not the biggest, but varied and exciting. The main focus is, of course, the fresh sea-food, since the bounty of the sea is only a stone throw away. If you are a fish lover – you’ll be in heaven!

There is Lobster, Grouper, Snapper, Tiger Prawns and Scallop to indulge in. For die-hard meat lovers like Paul there’s beef tenderloin, dishes with lamb or chicken to enjoy, but still don’t expect any pork. Overall, it’s a fabulous dining establishment for grown-ups and gourmands alike with high quality food and service. Much like the final restaurant on our list – The Straits, which is on the opposite end of the main resort. This opulent open-air establishment, with an equally as impressive setting by the beach, is open during high season and major holidays. It’s also available for booking for grand events (weddings etc.) if you are looking to celebrate in style.

In our opinion, dining at Pangkor Laut is a great and memorable part of your private island holiday experience. There is plenty of choice and the quality lives up to the highest expectations.

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Dining at Pangkor Laut whether formal or less formal is an absolute pleasure

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