Charlie Smallbone Partners with Talented Artisans to Create Metallics Collection

Charlie Smallbone Partners with Talented Artisans to Create Metallics Collection

To bring his Metallics kitchen collection to life, designer Charlie Smallbone, founder of Ledbury Studio, identified a handful of talented artisans to add a fresh twist to his bespoke designs.

“It’s a consensual process,” Charlie says of the collaborations. “Although I have an overall vision, I’m not somebody that needs or wants to dictate to the people I work with about how something will look. It’s important to me that their personalities shine through as well as mine because I believe that this makes for a better end result.”

Emma Culshaw Bell
Emma Culshaw Bell.

Emma Culshaw Bell, a specialist painter, creates bespoke colours and finishes for the painted furniture: “A bespoke kitchen needs a bespoke paint applied on site, it’s as simple as that. A factory-painted kitchen hasn’t got the soulful finish of a traditional hand paint, it’s also harder to repair any installation blemishes. Better still, on-site painting allows the painter and client to work together, tweaking colours and finishes if required.

Quentin Reynolds on the Metallics Collection by Charlie Smallbone
Quentin Reynolds.

Having the luxury to push the boundaries of colour and paint to create passionate, vibrant and downright gorgeous combinations is true bliss for me!”

Quentin Reynolds is the craftsman behind the pewter door fronts: “I have been in the decorative arts industry for over 35 years, working with an array of different materials and techniques to create fine finishes and furniture. The handcrafted and bespoke nature of my work is a perfect fit for Ledbury Studio. We first select a metal, then hand texture it with hammers and heat. Finally, we apply a patina using various different acids and finish the aged panels with lacquers and waxes.”

Artist Lucy Smallbone
Lucy Smallbone.

Artist Lucy Smallbone painted the striking showroom artwork for Ledbury Studio: “I’m a contemporary landscape painter who specialises in bold, colourful re-imaginings of landscapes, somewhere between toxic and beautiful. I’m inspired by sci-fi novels and the way they take things that are familiar and then twist them into something unfamiliar. This interesting space between mind and place is hopefully where my paintings slot in. My work fits well with Ledbury Studio as the colours echo the pops of colour that are used within the furniture.”

The main kitchen display.

In the main kitchen display (above), the craftsmanship of Quentin Reynolds can be seen on the beautiful pewter door fronts of the tall unit. Below right: Night Swim by Lucy Smallbone cunningly divides to reveal a TV screen. Lucy says, “My paintings are made up of a variety of dynamic marks which work well with the natural textures found in the Metallics Collection.” Below left: Emma Culshaw Bell says, “I have designed and mixed a range of paint colours and finishes that go particularly well with Charlie’s designs, whilst still being harmonious in a domestic environment.” Shown is Ultramarinus Deep.


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