Chivas and Leith Export Co Unveil New Blended Whisky Expressions

Bottles of Ultis XX by Chivas and Perpetuity by The Leith Export Co.

Simon Wittenberg looks at the launch of two new blended whiskies hailing from Scotland, Ultis XX by Chivas and Perpetuity by The Leith Export Co.

Ultis XX by Chivas
Chivas Ultis was unveiled in 2016 and has grabbed the limelight for the last seven years. Fast forward to 2023, and it’s now Chivas Ultis XX’s turn to grace the whisky lovers’ palates. An evolution of its predecessor, the latest expression is a 20 Year Old; hence the name is XX – the roman numeral for 20.

Hyslop smelling one of his whiskies in a library

Expertly crafted by Sandy Hyslop, the Chivas Master Blender, Chivas Ultis XX evolves Ultis’ mission of honouring five generations of Master Blenders by blending five of Chivas’ most precious 20-Year-Old single malts originating from Strathisla, Allt A’bhainne, Braeval, Longmorn, and Tormore, along with Chivas’ signature grain, Strathclyde.

Sandy explained that, with less than 1% of the millions of casks used from the Chivas inventory for this expression, each barrel was individually hand-selected and nosed so as to ensure that only whiskies of the highest quality were used in the blend.

A tilted bottle of Ultis with a gold frame around it displaying Roman numerals

Distilled exclusively in copper stills and matured for a minimum of 20 years, the new whisky, bottled at 40% ABV, brings several new tasting profiles, along with aromas of juicy red apples interlaced with raspberry jam, fresh vanilla pods and sweet butter toffee.

On the palate, whisky lovers can experience complex notes of blossom honey, milk chocolate and poached pears in syrup before a long, sweet, and smooth finish.

A hand breaking through the ceiling of a room to get to a bottle of the Ultis XX

The imposing exterior of the Chivas Ultis XX bottle demonstrates Chivas’ effortless ability to marry classic luxury with contemporary street culture. Its elegant design combines with bold and golden accents, giving way to a touch of added edge. The aesthetics flex a fusion that Chivas has become synonymous with in recent years as it continues to cement its position in the spheres of music, fashion and sport.

For more information on Chivas Ultis XX, visit

A bottle of Perpetuity being tilted by a person's hand

Perpetuity by The Leith Export Co.
You may not have come across The Leith Export Co. before, and neither have we. This business is the online commercial trading arm of both the Scottish Lind & Lime gin distillery and the new £13.5 million Port of Leith Scotch whisky distillery, which is currently under construction, is due to open in Edinburgh’s historic port district of Leith later this year.

A close up view of the label on the bottle

The new blended whisky (45.7% ABV) named “Perpetuity”, and affordable to buy at around £40, is housed in a wine bottle-like receptacle, sporting a simple white label and a colourful cartoon-like motif, inspired by the story of the 15th century Leith cooper, Henry Douglas – nicknamed the ‘Cursed Cooper’.

The first batch of this new whisky is limited to just 1,430 bottles and has been formed from a blend of single malt and single grain whiskies from Highland, Speyside, and Lowland distilleries, such as Deanston, North British, and Glentauchers.

A bottle of Perpetuity on a bar next to an antique brass diver's helmet

In Perpetuity, whisky lovers will find notes of caramelised apple tart on the nose and toffee and marmalade on the palate before a finish synonymous with a sharp lemon drizzle cake and clotted cream.

Batch 1 of Perpetuity is now available from The Leith Export Co. website, the Lind & Lime distillery shop, and specialist retailers. For more information, visit

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