The Luxurious Magazine Christmas Drink Gift Guide for 2019

The Luxurious Magazine Christmas Drink Gift Guide for 2019

As we count down towards Christmas 2019, many people are still wondering what presents to get for their nearest and dearest. To help, here’s a selection of some tipples, that are sure to bring a smile to the faces of your loved ones on Christmas day.

BeerBods Gift Subscription

BeerBods 12 weeks Gift Subscription

One thing said among my friends is ‘Christmas Beer is Christmas Cheer’. A beer subscription is always going to be a sure-fire winner among those who fancy this particular traditional tipple. With a fair few beer subscriptions in the market, knowing which one to give as a gift will be confusing for some.

We’re making it very easy for you! Look no further than Beerbods who’ve been around since 2012 and with their BeerBods beer club (available as a gift subscription) is still unique.

The Beerbods subscription is available over 6,12, 24 or 48-weeks and is sure to thrill any beer-lover in your life. The fortunate person getting a subscription will be receiving fantastic beers from small and independent breweries located around the world. And the best bit? They’ll be coming straight to their door.

The big advantage of giving someone a BeerBods subscription is every subscriber will be drinking the same beer (only the once). And, each week they’ll be able to share their opinion of it with other bods during a live online tasting session which takes place every Thursday at 9:00 pm.

In addition to the online tasting session, subscribers also receive an email which provides the backstory behind that week’s beer. This means that everyone with a BeerBods subscription will be in an ideal position to talk craft beers with confidence.

Aside from giving your ‘special person’ their very own pub or brewery, this is probably the best gift you can give to a beer lover this Christmas.

BeerBods Gift Subscription pricing:

  • £20 for 6 weeks
  • £36 for 12 weeks
  • £70 for 24 weeks
  • £135 for 48 weeks

Stockist – BeerBods

BeerBods Gift Subscription can be purchased minutes before gifting!
All you have to do is – When purchasing opt for ‘Send Gift Certificate to me, Print off Certificate, Pop in a Christmas Card card. Job Done!

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PerfectDraft Beer Machine

PerfectDraft Beer Machine

Turn your home into a bar, with PerfectDraft!
PerfectDraft is a beer machine that allows you to pour your own high-quality draft beer in the comfort of your own home. From old favourites to new discoveries, over 30 beer brands are available (Stella Artois, Tiny Rebel, Leffe, Goose Island, Lowenbrau, and many more).

PerfectDraft Beer Machine

This smart machine will cool the 6-litre beer kegs to a perfect 3 degrees and will stay fresh for 30 days. It is extremely easy to use and makes an attractive addition to your home!

The PerfectDraft features a premium chrome finish and a built-in LED display showing the keg temperature and volume of beer remaining – so you’ll always know how much you have left! If you’ve ever wished you could have premium, perfectly poured beer at home, then this is the machine for you!

Start putting the good times on tap!

PerfectDraft Beer Machine
Price – £239
Stockist –

Orders placed on 23rd December for next day delivery to arrive on 24th December!

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