Top Safety Tips to Help Avoid Christmas Tree-Related Accidents

Top Safety Tips to Help Avoid Christmas Tree-Related Accidents

Christmas trees are one of the most beloved elements when decorating at this time of year, with 85% of UK adults putting up a tree for the holidays. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, it’s also possible to see that searches for “Christmas tree safety” have increased by a massive 478% in the last month alone!

There are approximately eight to 10 million Christmas trees sold annually in the UK, and over 6.1 million people are searching for them near them. The most common accident related to Christmas trees is the fire risk, but there are also safety precautions to consider if you buy an artificial tree or if you have pets and children. Our friends at Share to Buy have provided a handy guide of their top Christmas Tree Safety Tips to ensure you have a festive, fun and safe holiday season!

Ensure you water your tree enough: Real trees take on around one litre of water a day, so be sure to water your tree enough to prevent it from drying out. Not only does this help to prevent the needles from falling and keep the tree looking fresh, but it can also prevent the tree from catching fire should the lights overheat.

Do not partake in the age-old DIY tip of spraying hairspray on your tree to prevent the needles from falling: While this might sound like a good idea, it is hazardous as hairspray is extremely flammable and poses a fire risk.

Do not keep trees close to a heating source such as a fireplace, radiator or electric heater: Once again, this poses a risk of causing a fire should the tree be too close or too dry.

Ensure the base is secure or anchor your tree if you have children: Use a proper stand or anchor your tree correctly if you have children in your home. Placing a baby gate around the bottom of the tree can also prevent a small child from accidentally pulling the tree down.

Place breakable ornaments near the top of the tree out of reach of pets and children: Avoid placing delicate or fragile ornaments around the bottom of the tree, as children or pets could knock them off, leading to broken glass.

Don’t overload electrical outlets: As much as an abundance of twinkling lights can look lovely, be sure to avoid overloading electrical outlets when plugging in lights and decorations.

Never use burning candles as tree decorations: Although it might look amazing, using an open-flame candle as decoration on the tree is a fire hazard. Instead, opt for fake candlestick decorations, which offer the same effect.

Discard the tree after the holidays: While we might all want to bask in the post-holiday glow, it is vital that you properly discard your tree come January. Check with your local council on the correct way to dispose of a Christmas tree in your area.

Do not use electric lights on artificial trees: Opt for LED lights which are a much safer option for decorating as they don’t get as hot when running. Incandescent lights heat up and can be particularly dangerous on artificial trees as they can create an electrical charge on the tree’s metal elements, posing a risk of electrocution or shock.

Ensure your lights are turned off when you go to bed or leave the house: While you might be tempted to leave your lights running through the night or while you’re out doing a spot of Christmas shopping, it is best to shut them off in case of fire. Turning the lights off can also help save money on your energy bills!

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