Three Amazing Beds For Children That Will Make Adults Jealous

Three Amazing Beds For Children That Will Make Adults Jealous

Circu beds, to borrow part of a catchphrase from a leading beverage company, “probably the best children’s beds in the world”

As I head towards middle age, I am surrounded by what seems to be two differing opinions on children, you either love them or you can’t stand to be around them. Whichever camp you sit in, there is no escaping the fact that they are here to stay. So, whether you have a child who is good and deserving or one that is naughty who needs appeasing, giving them nice things i.e gifts is always a short route to happiness. So, if you are one of those generous parents and after all the gadgets and trips have been provided, what’s left? What about beds which will not only transform their own personal space but a bed that will make them feel like the most special child in the world? I am of course talking about the unique hand-made beds from the Portuguese furniture brand Circu.

Three Amazing Beds For Children That Will Make Adults Jealous 3

“We have so many cool designs for kids. The trick is to find ones that fit their personalities and work with whatever else is going on in your house. The most important thing a kid’s room has to have is some element of magic, something that really sparks their imagination.” – Circu’s head Designer

For this short article, I have chosen three beds which we feel would help to make every kid’s dream: A secret little hideaway that ramps up the fun and imagination factor in his or her own bedroom.

The Circu Little Mermaid Bed

The first is the Little Mermaid Bed. If you’re a bit of a film-buff and watched the Terry Gilliam film from 1988 – The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, you might recall Uma Thurman appearing from inside a huge clam-shell. The Little Mermaid Bed follows these same lines in its design and size. Made from fibreglass with a nacre painted interior, it has a hinged lid with lighting built into the lid. For those reading this that sit in the don’t like children camp, do not view the hinged lid as an opportunity to teach a youngster a lesson!

Circu-Bun-Van-Bed-2The second of the amazing beds and the most spectacular is the limited edition Bun Van bed which draws its inspiration from the classic VW camper van. This bed would be a statement piece to have in one’s house irrespective of someone’s age, this is a piece of pure furniture art.

Three Amazing Beds For Children That Will Make Adults Jealous 4

The exterior of Bun Van bed is made in fibreglass with chrome plated touches; the inside is made from pallisander wood veneer. Inside it contains several storage compartments, a bed, a tv, a mini bar (for soft drinks obviously) and a sofa.

Fantasy Air Balloon bed and sofa

Finally, we have the Fantasy Air Balloon bed and sofa, a creation that seems to have come directly from the mind of Jules Verne. This bed can be customised for either girls or boys. And, once they’ve grown up, this gorgeous piece of furniture can be transformed into a teenagers sofa. It has decent storage capacity and this amazing piece should help parents and the child to create a more organised environment in their room. As a special added touch, the bottom of this piece is made of the best wickerwork techniques.

All of these beds and more can be purchased directly from Circu, and remember parents, if any child is lucky enough to have one of these magnificent beds, you should make them swear to you that they will be good forever!

Paul Godbold

Founder, Editor-in-Chief

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