Clive Christian’s Town & Country Joins the Crown Collection for 2023

Clive Christian's Town & Country Joins the Crown Collection for 2023

The Clive Christian perfume house has unveiled the newest addition to The Crown Collection. Having delved into its enviable archives, it has chosen to reimagine a secret formula that was first launched nigh-on a century ago, and it goes by the name of Town & Country.

It wasn’t too long ago that we had the opportunity to write about Clive Christian. On that occasion, it was a feature celebrating 150 years of the company and the launch of two 150th-anniversary celebratory perfumes called Timeless and Contemporary.

The two Clive Christian 150 Anniversary Collection limited edition perfumes

It seems that celebrations and Clive Christian go hand-in-hand as we once more have the opportunity to write about this renowned company, and it just so happens to coincide with another rather special celebration.

On the 6th of May 2023, the world bore witness to something exceptional: the coronation of a king. The last time the world experienced anything like this was on the 2nd of June 1953, seventy years ago. On that day, Princess Elizabeth of York was crowned Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Now, her son, Charles Windsor, formerly The Prince of Wales, has been tasked with continuing the Royal family’s legacy and defending the faith by taking the role of His Majesty King Charles III, and by doing so, brings forth a new Carolean era.

In celebration of the coronation, it is fitting we write about a company with a royal connection. There are few more suitable than the perfume house Clive Christian, which has brought pleasure to the country’s Royal Family and many other Great Britains for over a century, and whose roots are historically entwined with the House of Windsor.

Clive Christian is a British luxury perfume house known globally for creating the world’s finest perfumes. Anyone fortunate to experience one of its unique creations will no doubt attest to that.

Historic Crown Perfumery Co bottles of perfume

The company’s roots stretch back to 1872 when it was called the Crown Perfumery Company. The perfume house is not just known for crafting the world’s finest perfumes; it also holds a unique and much-envied honour in the perfume industry. Clive Christian is the only perfume house to have been granted permission to use Queen Victoria’s royal crown on its bottles, a distinction that continues today.

The new perfume in its bright red bottleFor 2023, and rather fittingly given the royal celebrations, it has brought back a fragrance that was first created almost 100 years ago. It’s called Town & Country, and we look at its story in this royal-themed feature.

Town & Country is the latest addition to the company’s Crown Collection, which was unveiled in 2022. As mentioned at the beginning of this feature, the Town & Country perfume contains a highly secret formula based on the original from the company’s historical archives.

The original perfume was first launched in 1925, and soon after began to build a loyal fan base, which included royalty, the rich and famous and a man who helped to shape modern-day world history, and his name is Winston Churchill.

The reimagined scent has been created as a homage to the sophisticated elegance of London Town and rejuvenating freshness, tranquillity and beauty of the country. Clive Christian used the original’s signature herbaceous blend, which was referenced in the old formula books and included clary sage and juniper. The unique scent also boasts mossy and musky woody tones that echo the heritage woods and spice of 20th-century storytelling.

The perfume spray in its beautiful box

Town & Country reimagined contains all the Clive Christian hallmarks of complexity, concentration and dedication to the finest ingredients, all of which have been perfectly crafted for self-expression.

Fragrance Family: spicy, woody amber
Complexity: 207 Ingredients
Concentration: 25%


  • Top: Lemon, Juniper, Bergamot, Clary Sage
  • Heart: Cardamom, White Tea, Sandalwood, Olibanum
  • Base: Grey Amber, Cedarwood, Kashmir fusion, Patchouli

How does it smell?
I have been fortunate to have experienced the Town & Country perfume, and it was extraordinary. Explaining how it smells in words is nigh impossible; what I can say is it brings an aroma that will bring pleasure to all who experience it. My wife probably summed its impact best when she walked into a room after I had put some on and said, “You smell incredible!” And without wishing to come across as arrogant, I believe I did.

The bright red box the new perfume comes in

Clive Christian’s Town & Country – Where and how?

All Clive Christian perfumes are available to purchase in the world’s most prestigious retailers, including Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Net-A-Porter, Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s, Tsum, La Rinascente and more.

Clive Christian Town & Country 50ml has an RRP of £400 / $490 ($450 ex VAT USA) / €450. If you would like to learn more about the historic perfume company and get details of its full range of perfumes, please visit

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Clive Christian's Town & Country Joins the Crown Collection for 2023 2

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