Clogau Gold revealed their new Autumn & Winter Jewellery Collection.


Clogau (prounouned ‘Clog-eye’) have been creating beautiful jewellery for the past twenty years with a hint of Celtic inspiration and a touch of extremely rare Welsh Gold.

Welsh gold has always been intertwined with Welsh history and the new Clogau jewellery collections have been inspired by Clogau’s own St. David’s gold mines’ association with the Royal family and the ethereal mythology of Wales.

Why is Welsh Gold so rare?

It was back in 1989 that St. David’s gold mine was founded by William Roberts, the idea was to open the mine as a tourist attraction, however this idea was scuppered by Snowdonia National Park. Faced with this dilemma, William had to decide what to do with the mine now? He gambled that there may still be gold within the mine and undertook a few years small scale mining starting in 1992. To make best use of what he mined, William started to produce jewellery with exquisite design and Welsh inspiration. Six years after mining was started, the mine closed.

Today, no gold mining takes place in this ruggedly beautiful country, an obvious indicator of this precious metals rarity. Welsh Gold may possibly the rarest gold on the world, so within the pieces, only a touch of Welsh Gold is used, this helps to maintain the longevity of Welsh Gold Supplies and the affordability of the jewellery. Imagine the price of a single piece of jewellery made from the rarest of all golds, the cost would possibly be out of reach to all but the very few.


Clogau Jewellery

Clogau’s Royal inspired collections, were created in association with Historic Royal Palaces, featuring new silver and rose gold additions, with intricate mother-of-pearl detailing. Celebrating Their Royal Highness’s The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge’s first baby, due in July, to mark this joyous occasion, Clogau is releasing the Baby Steps bead charms. This marks the link between Welsh gold and British Royalty, a connection that has been maintained for over a century.

Luxury white gold and diamond pieces have been introduced into the brand’s Tree of Life collection, possibly Clogau’s most iconic design since its launch twenty years ago.

Other new additions for Autumn & Winter Jewellery Collection include new pieces within the romantic Key Notes collection. This iconic pendant has been given a new life with rose gold vines gracefully entwined around the key itself creating an elegant statement pieces.

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