Smoke and Barrel Unveils its ‘Conquer the Beast’ Eating Challenge

Smoke and Barrel Reveals its 'Conquer the Beast' Eating Challenge

There’s a brand new eating challenge on the table called ‘Conquer the Beast.’ The mouthwatering idea is the brainchild of Executive Chef Chris Grare & Head Chef Chris Tuthill at Hong Kong’s Smoke and Barrel and contains a variety of foods adored by many.

There’s a saying we have in England, and it’s, “Your eyes bigger than your belly”. This rings true for the vast majority when to comes to eating challenges.

We are sure many of you will have seen one or more of the highly popular TV shows where seemingly ordinary people take on mindboggling food challenges. Fans of these types of shows should be excited to hear a brand new one on the table and called ‘Conquer the Beast’.

The Conquer the Beast platter seen from above

What does the ‘Conquer the Beast challenge’ entail?
The food challenge takes place at Smoke and Barrell, which is regarded as Hong Kong’s first authentic American smokehouse & barbecue joint.

The ‘Beast’ needing conquering is not something with a pulse. It is, in fact, Smoke and Barrel’s authentic wood-fired smoker.

The Smoke and Barrel wood-fired smoker known as the Beast

Participants will need to eat their way through multiple signature dishes straight out of the smoker to win the challenge. Some of the foods needing to be conquered by brave participants include ribs, pulled pork, brisket fries and a fully-fledged American Dessert.

The challenge is not one for the faint-hearted. Although what’s been mentioned sounds mouthwatering, and many will be saying to themselves, “Yummy, it’s exactly the type of food I like, sounds easy!”

It not how delicious the food sounds; it will be the sheer amount of food needing to be consumed, which will likely prove to be the big stumbling block for most.

Smoke and Barrel Head Chef Chris Tuthill
Head Chef Chris Tuthill.

To beat the ‘Conquer the Beast’ eating challenge, you’ll be required to consume ½ rack of ribs, three squares of cornbread, a bowl of beans, 300g of brisket, 400g of pulled pork, one bowl of French fries, and if that’s not enough a hearty mud pie sundae to finish!

The (very few) people who are expected to ‘Conquer the Beast’ will get the challenge free of charge, along with a dining voucher worth HK$1,000 for their next visit and an engraved plaque on the wall.

But, should you fail the challenge, you’ll be stuck with the bill of HK$800 per platter.

The two Chris’ behind the ‘Conquer the Beast’ challenge told us, “We wanted to do something fun and different for all the BBQ lovers out there – and came up with this food challenge. Some people really are die-hard fans of American BBQ, and Conquering the Beast is the only way to prove it!”

How to take the Conquer the Beast Challenge

Firstly and probably very obvious, only one person can partake in each challenge, don’t think you can get some of your friends to help you with the huge platter. You’ll need to book in advance, and this can be done via a phone call or an email. For more information, please visit their website

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