Convenience Stores and Local Grocers Deservedly Reap the Rewards

Convenience Stores and Local Grocers Deservedly Reap the Rewards

Convenience Stores and Local Grocers have been one of the vital cogs in keeping the country ticking during the lockdown, and they are now reaping the rewards from all their hard work and efforts.

Convenience stores and local grocers have led the charge in the UK’s retail arena for many months, providing millions of Brits with access to essential goods and foods throughout the recent months of lockdown as supermarkets have struggled to satisfy demand.

The efforts of such stores have paid off, with convenience stores and grocers reporting a 63% increase in sales during the lockdown, as customers across the UK discovered that their local shops offer an exceptional range of produce, along with friendly and smooth service.

Furthermore, not only have convenience stores provided a much-needed alternative to supermarkets in terms of edible goods, but the sales of stationery, toys and books have also been named as some of the fastest-selling items, as local stores have successfully expanded their offerings to compete with their larger rivals.

The figures represent an evident change in the behaviour of Britain’s shoppers, with convenience and efficiency playing an ever more critical factor in the shopping experience.

The unprecedented jump in popularity for convenience stores, the increase in online grocery orders and the decline in the frequency of shoppers visiting supermarkets, instead choosing to increase basket size, all point towards a future of retail which is based around a personalised and streamlined shopping experience.

“It is incredible to see that Britain’s local stores are enjoying such a period of much-deserved success, now that the public has truly discovered the quality service, family atmosphere and amazing range of products that their local stores offer.

Ubamarket has been working with brands such as Spar, Londis and Budgens for some time, and we are thrilled to see these stores, and many others receive the boost they deserve.

As a member of the Association of Convenience Stores, Ubamarket is fully in support of the incredible work being done by convenience stores across the country to provide their customers with essential goods needed to sit out this unprecedented period of lockdown.

Local stores across the country pride themselves on offering slick customer service, clear and easy to follow in-store layouts, and an added level of ease and convenience above their larger rivals. The increase in popularity we have seen in recent times is due in no small part to this superior service, and convenience stores are showcasing their ability to satisfy the nation.

Now, the next step is to ensure that convenience stores can consolidate this period of growth and prosperity, and sustain their success beyond the Coronavirus lockdown.” – Will Broome, CEO of retail shopping app Ubamarket and member of the Association of Convenience Stores.

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Convenience Stores and Local Grocers Deservedly Reap the Rewards 2


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