How to Create a Luxurious Monochrome Effect in Your Kitchen in 2022

How to Achieve a Luxurious Monochrome Effect in Your Kitchen

Colours, designs and styles are all cyclical, and something that might have been seen as passé a decade or two ago is now the thing everyone wants. Once colour style that is making a comeback is monochrome, and in this feature, we’ll be looking at how you can incorporate it into your home, specifically the kitchen.

When it comes to interiors, sometimes simplicity is key. Black, white, and all shades of grey in between will make a kitchen look sophisticated but can help create different effects depending on the way the space is used.

Opting for a monochrome theme throughout the home gives you more freedom to experiment with different patterns and textures without overpowering the space. Geometric patterns and materials such as faux fur and marble can look extra chic when combined with a monochromatic scheme.

There are few better companies to take advice from than Magnet when it comes to kitchens. Their experts have provided us with ways to bring a luxurious monochrome effect into the kitchen, from the addition of simple accessories to creating a full black and white statement kitchen.

Matte black handles on a kitchen unit

Whether you’re committing to a full monochrome kitchen or simply looking to give your taps and handles a well-deserved revamp, black is a tried and tested colour that looks genuinely chic. With more and more people experimenting with their interiors, matt black hardware has seen a spike in popularity, with a +70% increase in Google searches for ‘matt black door handles’ in the last 12 months. Pair with white cupboard doors for a striking monochrome look.

Matt black also works well for taps and is a more stylish alternative to a simple silver. If matt black isn’t for you, but you want to stick with a monochrome theme throughout, why not opt for a gunmetal coloured tap instead?

A black granite worktop in a kitchen

A kitchen worktop is easily one of the most prominent features in the room, and it’s a great place to start when creating your monochromatic upgrade. For a striking look, contrast your units with the colour of the worktop; black units paired with a stunning white worktop, or vice versa, will undoubtedly catch the eye.

If you’re looking for a softer look, introduce different textures and think about using natural materials such as marble, granite, quartz or ceramic, which will help break up block colour and create design features.

A wine cooler installed in a unitUnits
Ensuring the units fall into the colour scheme is key if you want your whole kitchen to scream monochrome. Two-tone kitchens are ideal if you can’t decide on just one colour and will help to offset the harshness of a full black or white kitchen.

Incorporate neutral tones within your kitchen in the flooring or furniture to soften the overall look. By weaving in tones of cream and brown, it ensures no harsh contrasts but allows the monochrome effect to shine through.

Whilst the bigger, more stand-out features of a kitchen are important, the finishing touches make the space truly yours. From gallery walls to plants and trinkets, the small decorative items we incorporate into our kitchens are what show off our personality.

The use of a pattern can amplify space and make it feel more homely, whether that’s beautiful tiling or a geometric rug, all of which work well in black and white. If the monochromatic hues of the kitchen feel a bit too harsh, offset with plants and greenery to freshen up the space.

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How to Create a Luxurious Monochrome Effect in Your Kitchen in 2022 2


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