“D” Luxury Bags – How To Sizzle In The Security Queue

“D” Luxury Bags – How To Sizzle In The Security Queue 5
Zoe Bing explores the "D" Collection by Dominie Brazzel

Zoe Bing explores the “D” Collection by Dominie Brazzel

What woman wants to reveal the contents of their bag to everyone around them? We all know there’s a need for increased security, but the new U.S. Stadium safety measures mean that any bag brought into the area must be see-through. Yes, SEE-THROUGH. Let’s face it, a severe challenge for even the most fashion-forward fashionista.

Step forward the “D” collection from top luxury brand Dominie. Forget the battle of the Bayswaters and the Pradas. If you want to look stylish at the big game, it’s as simple as A B “D”!

“D” Luxury Bags – How To Sizzle In The Security Queue 6

So what’s the secret? Designer and brand creator, Dominie Brazzel has designed some of the most beautiful bags on the market today. She has worked hard to bring bag design to a new level, creating couture works of art from luxury materials such as exotic skins, precious stones, buttery leather and the smoothest silks from northern Italy. PVC, you’d think, might not be her first choice of material, but she has done a wonderful job of making it her own.

“Long before the NFL and PGA regulations came into effect, I was thinking of creating a fun and flirty collection with a mixture of colours and textures providing a “bathing suit”, “toothbrush”, spontaneous style. At the same time, I was thinking about the rigours of airport security and how useful a see-through bag would be – at least until I got through and wanted to hide my wallet and any other personal items! So with all of these elements in mind, I came up with what I think is a rather cute idea. My “D by Dominie” collection is based around clear handbags with beautiful tooled leather handles and trim, and removable interchangeable liners in a spectrum of colours which you can fold down into the bottom of the bag, and once through security, reinstate with two simple snaps. Et voila, your privacy restored in style.”

Dominie’s design is fast joining the other best sellers in her luxury range. With a choice of liners in sumptuous silky fabrics, there’s the opportunity to match your bag with your total look and still fulfil any security restrictions.

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“I love going to pro sports events. There is an excitement and spirit in the air. What amazes me is the delay going through the security checkpoints. The majority of the crowd doesn’t know about the security restrictions so they end up with a $7 to $12 zipper baggie or plastic shopper. I just happened to come up with a fashionable and versatile solution with the ability to change the liner to match my wardrobe or show team spirit.”

This latest design is just one example of a creative mind which is propelling Dominie bags and accessories to the top of the luxury market. Her bags are loved and appreciated by some of the biggest names on Hollywood’s red carpet. In fact, Brazzel’s background lies in design and costuming for TV & film, most notably for Titanic, Amistad, NYPD Blue, Family Law, Temporarily Yours, and Passions, and this has undoubtedly informed much of her work. But although she loved the glamour of the film set, it was her passion for fashion which drove the native Californian to pursue her dreams and set up her own brand.

“My father was a craftsman; a master printer, and I was brought up with a strong work ethic and the need for careful attention to detail drummed into me. I believe good design is not only a joy for the eye, but should function beautifully as well. To achieve that, you need not only artistic ability, but an understanding of how your creation will work.”

“D” Luxury Bags – How To Sizzle In The Security Queue 8Setting up her company means that Dominie is free to design with only the best materials in mind, and has worked hard to source the best workshops. She regularly travels to Italy, where many of her bags are made, to source materials, discuss manufacturing techniques and ensure perfection.

“I love what I do with my heart and soul. For me, perfection is where it begins and ends, and I’m fortunate to have the support of a fantastic team.”

And the vivacious Dominie has no plans to stand still.

“I’m always coming up with new and exciting ideas, some of which are very difficult to achieve. I’m not afraid of hard work, and even though my crew gets nervous whenever I come up with the next big plan, they are always thrilled with the outcome. We move mountains together. Wait until you see what’s coming next!”

For more information, visit www.dominieluxury.com.

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