Deputy Editor, Ong Chin Huat looks at Starpool from Italy

Deputy Editor, Ong Chin Huat looks at Starpool from Italy

Starpool from Italy is the definitive sauna and spa equipment manufacturer. Starpool’s Sweet Spa and Sweet Sauna 90 have recently won the Red Dot Product Design Award in 2011 “Best of the Best” for superior quality of design.

The Red Dot Design Awards is an internationally recognised prestigious award given for design. A special jury comprising 35 professionals, experts in their respective fields examine thousands of products from around the globe. Among the past recipients of the Red Dot Awards are Bose, BMW, Mercedes Benz, LG Group, Adidas, Technogym and Apple.

CEO of Starpool Riccardo Turri says, “We are proud to export a ‘Made in Italy’ product to the world. Starpool products are made in Val di Fiamme. Over the past 10 years, Starpol have been investing greatlyin research and development for innovative products, seeking to raise further the quality of design.”

The 5-Star 745-room Mulia Resort in Bali, which was recently voted by Conde Nast Traveler as “the Best New Hotel in the World” have equipped their spa with the complete range of Starpool products.

Starpool’s Sweet Spa and Sweet Sauna 90 have recently won the Red Dot Product Design Award in 2011 “Best of the Best” for superior quality of design.

Mulia Spa presents to the holiday maker the finest, most luxurious resort Spa in Bali, a true retreat in a tranquil oasis. Complete with 20 treatments rooms, the award-winning and state-of-the-art WELLNESS SUITE by Sweet Spa includes Hammam Tables which were awarded the prestigious INNOVATION AWARD for best new wellness product by the Belgium Trade Fair and the Beauty and Wellness Magazine “Professional Esthetic”. Mulia Spa also features a Sweet Spa Finnish wood Sauna with Eucalyptus fragrance, Aroma Steam Room with emotional showers, and Asia Pacific’s only Ice fountain room with Chromatherapy Chakra cleansing colours, Hydro tonic pool with Hot and Cold water pools excellent for Metabolism, Detox and Aching joints. An outdoor Meditation Area for Yoga and a Spa Beverage Bar offering natural healthy and local grown fruit, juices and herbal infusions. Adapting the principal of the ancient spa wisdom: Senus Per Aquam or healing through water, Mulia Spa offers a holistic approach to all spa lovers.

The Mulia Bali Spa is equipped with Starpool Sweet Spa, Sauna, Ice Room with ice fountain, Hammam Spa table. These are part of the emotional Spa treatment either combining with other treatment or self-treatment within the Spa wet experience. Starpool will definitely be an interesting innovative Spa treatment product to the readers.

There are 4 wellness program (Relax, Tonic, Excite, Purify) in the Sweet Spa and Sweet Sauna is set with 20 minutes emotional experience which can be tailor-made to meet individual needs.  The Sweet Spa cabin consists of 2 emotional showers with scent (Mint and Maracuja), Steam with Eucalyptus scent, different LED colour light, Music, Wall mounted/ceiling shower…The Sweet Sauna also has the matching wellness program with Scent, Colour, Music, Dry Heat…. The ice room with ice fountain balances the hot and cold experience to improve blood circulation, skin suppleness/texture to prevent youth.

The Sweet Spa, from Starpool of Italy, offers a unique combination of steam bath as well as conventional and emotional showers. The latter includes a Reaction Breeze of nebulized cold water infused with a mint aroma in a blue colour light and an Emotional Rain of warm water infused with Maracuja scent in an amber colour light. This aromatherapy treatment is comingled with colour therapy and music therapy to provide you with a tantalizing spa experience.  What’s more, it comes with four bespoke 20 minute wellness programs for self-treatment: Relax, Tonic, Excite and Purify. Each of these programs is designed to achieve a specific wellness objectives according to your feeling and mood.

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  • The Relax program soothes your body and mind to promote the release of endorphins for renewed lightness and serenity. A blue light fills the cabin together with soothing music for relaxation. The user is encouraged to apply the Starpool Mandarin citrus treatment pack during the 20 minute session of aqua therapy, followed by the Mandarin cream after the shower. The treatment culminates with a drink of herbal tea infused with relaxing properties.
  • The Tonic program recharges your body with invigorating music while you are enveloped in harmonious green light. Spoil yourself with the fresh and sharp aroma of a chocolate scrub which will prepare your skin to receive the revitalizing strength of the soothing water for your body, mind and spirit.  This is followed by chocolate cream after the shower. A herbal tea with tonic and refreshing attributes will complete the session.
  • The Excite program energizes your body and mind to release adrenalin with the unstoppable energy of red light coupled with uplifting music and sensual aromas. A dead sea salt scrub of white musk, while inside the Sweet Spa, is activated by an invigorating combination of steam and fresh Rain. This is followed by a white musk cream after the shower. A herbal tea infused with energizing properties completes the journey.
  • The Purify program is designed to help your skin and body to find their stability and equilibrium, stimulated by stabilizing music to balance your metabolic functions. This is complemented by using a dead sea mud pack inside the Sweet Spa to extract your impurities and toxins, which are then removed by a delicate Emotional Rain. This is followed by pampering yourself with myrrh cream after the shower to nourish and hydrate your skin.  The treatment is complete with a serving of herbal tea to eliminate excess liquid.

Each of the above self-treatment programs can be selected by a simple touch of the elegant touch screen inside the cabin. You can also manually select the mix of humidity and temperature (up to 48 degree C) for maximum comfort, With the Sweet Spa you can be assured of perfect rejuvenation through a unique spa journey in the total privacy of your home or hotel suite.

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