Design houses – A.Kahn Design and Lauge Jensen to collaborate

Design houses - A.Kahn Design and Lauge Jensen to collaborate

Last year some of you will recall our visit to Lauge Jensen and detailed feature on their incredible motorcycles, you’ll also not not failed to have notice the stunning cars from A. Kahn Design we’ve featured over the past two years.

We are pleased to announce that these two exceptional design houses will be combining their talents with Lauge Jensen bikes becoming available for the first time in the UK at the A. Kahn Design showroom in Chelsea, London and just as exciting, a new limited edition Lauge Jensen motorbike designed by A. Kahn

Like every Lauge Jensen motorcycle, the new A. Kahn model will be hand built to perfection. There will be only 10 of these superbikes available in the UK, and is certain to become an instant collector’s item. The A. Kahn edition Lauge Jensen motor bike features visually dramatic handle bars, front forks and front and rear lamps which, allied to the bike’s signature rear fender, ensure an impressive on-road presence. Beyond the bike’s immediate visual impact, closer inspection reveals a focus on fine detailing. Cast a glance at the sumptuous leatherwork, for instance, a real A. Kahn Design signature feature – the hand trimmed seat helps the occupant feel at one with the bike, and the riding position doesn’t disappoint either. The exquisite design is matched only by the breathtaking performance, affording 0-60 Mph in less than 4 seconds (maximum speed tolerance is in excess of 160 Mph).

Hand built in Denmark with the most efficient V2-engine in the world, this is the only motorcycle in the world to comply with EURO4 emission norms, intended to drastically reduce the amount of harmful exhaust gases produced by motorcycles. These forthcoming mandatory rules for all manufacturers are almost 50% more difficult to pass than the current EURO3 standard.

This collaboration between two exciting brands creates an innovative combination of style and power. Uffe Lauge Jensens’ decade long determination to build the most exclusive motorbikes in the world has ensured a loyal and prestigious international following. Hand-built to order, owners can specify any finish they desire. Despite building exceptionally beautiful “works of art”, this forward-thinking company also demonstrates an extraordinary level of technical expertise and detail in its bikes. In the same vein, one of the key factors in the phenomenal success to date of A. Kahn Design has also been the ability to personalise the design of a vehicle – car or bike – to the exact requirements of each customer.

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