Ding Dong Dim Sum Direct to Your Door with a Biodegradable Steamer

Ding Dong Dim Sum Direct to Your Door with a Biodegradable Steamer

Fancy something a little different during the holiday period? Why not try some delicious Dim Sum? Ding Dong Dim Sum is a company that delivers ready to cook meals direct to the door, and don’t worry if you haven’t got a steamer in the home; the company also sends out a biodegradable one with each order!

Although it’s a tradition, the thought of dry turkey meat over the festive period isn’t (for some) very inspiring. And the thought of turkey-based meals over the following days to avoid any wastage is probably not going to make people smile and rub their bellies. For this festive season, why not try something different? One option is a ready-made meal from Ding Dong Dim Sum.

Cards on the table, I am a huge fan of Dim Sum and having lived on Penang Island for many years, I consider myself somewhat of an aficionado. However, I am yet to try the offerings from Ding Dong Dim Sum, so this piece will focus on what they’re currently offering along with their specific festive offerings.

Their story
Ding Dong Dim Sum is a relatively new company and was started during lockdown by two people, Tom and Maya. Like me, the pair love Dim Sum and wanted to share their passion for it with a wider audience.

Ding Dong Dim Sum Duck Gyoza

Believing delicious dumplings don’t do so well on the back of a takeaway driver’s scooter, they decided to introduce a dedicated nationwide delivery service to get the UK eating dim sum every week! Tom and Maya’ ready-to-cook Dim Sum meals arrive direct to the door, and they seem to be doing an excellent job as they’re currently averaging 4.8 stars out of 5 for customer reviews.

Making great Dim Sum takes considerable skill. Sadly, most people’s experience extends to popping mass-produced supermarket varieties in a microwave which frequently results in uninspiring meat-filled parcels with a rubbery texture.

The Ding Dong Dim Sum Bamboo Steamer

There are a few ways to cook Dim Sum. It can be cooked in a steamer, fried or baked. However, I believe that Dim Sum is always at its best steamed. It’s highly probable that most people in the UK won’t have a bamboo steamer in their homes; that’s not a problem, as Ding Dong Dim Sum have already factored into the equation.

To make sure that their customers get the opportunity to experience the best Dim Sum experience, along with the pre-prepared meal, they also send out an in-house developed biodegradable steamer.

One of the tasty looking Dim Sum meal kits

The meal kits have been split into easy to understand, self-explanatory categories:

  • Surf & Turf – £31.50
  • Veggie Patch – £29.50
  • Meat and few vegs – £29.90
  • Just meat – £29.90
  • A bit of everything – £29.90
  • Ding Dong Favourites – £33.50

(Prices based on boxes for two people)

Inside each box is a feast of dumplings, gyoza, siu mai, bao buns, sticky rice, salad and dips. Dishes include classics such as:

  • Char Siu bun (the classic salty and sweet pork sat inside a beautifully fluffy bun)
  • Prawn & Pork Siu Mai (a classic, minced pork and prawns sitting in little golden parcels)
  • Prawn Har Kau (prawn filled, silky white dumplings)

For those who prefer something meat-free, vegetarian options include mixed vegetable and potato, Japanese gyoza, spicy tofu and vegetable dumplings and Mushroom and a veg bun – to name a few.

Each box comes with a slaw kit for a make-your-own accompaniment made up of carrots, spring onion, chilli and a slaw tang alongside sticky rice. The Dim Dum arrives frozen to ensure the flavour is locked in and dumplings retain their structure. Each box is then wrapped in an eco-friendly natural insulator of wool. All of the packaging used is recyclable or biodegradable and is Polystyrene-free.

Ding Dong Dim Sum festive meal box

Christmas and New Year with Ding Dong Dim Sum
The company has created Dim Sum boxes suitable for two or four people, which sounds like a great alternative to a plate of dry turkey and Brussel Sprouts for the festive period.

They’re also offering a subscription service, which would make a great gift for someone who adores the stuff like me. The gift subscriptions are for three and six months with prices starting from £116.00. You can find more information on their website. In addition to the subscriptions, Ding Dong Dim Sum also offers gift cards and a range of their own bottled dips.

Ding Dong Dim Sum delivers to most of the UK, and delivery days are Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. The dim sum is easily stored in the freezer until ready to be eaten and enjoyed. For more information, please visit www.dingdongdimsum.com.

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