German Car Tuners DMC Announce The Aston Martin DBX Fuerte 2022

A DMC Aston Martin DBX Fuerte 2022 in Red

The renowned car designers and tuners, DMC has taken a DBX from the quintessentially British Marque, Aston Martin and beefed it up. Creating the DBX Fuerte 2022 has put DMC’s spin on an already impressive SUV. Jeremy Webb looks at what customers can expect from this uprated variation.

It takes a lot of courage to adapt a car model, which has impressed car writers and the public but the German designers DMC has taken up the challenge. Aston Martin’s stunning DBX SUV already has considerable power and performance, but the Fuerte 2022 takes these to another level.

The DBX Fuerte 2022 is an Aston Martin DBX that DMC has added various external parts to as well as working on upgrading the engine. It showcases what DBX owners can opt for if they wish to customise their pride and joy.

A side on view of the DMC version of the DBX

The model shown in the images has a Diamond Cherry Red finish, which is not a standard Aston Martin colour option; it features light-weight Carbon Fibre parts, a sports exhaust, 24″ wheels and a bespoke leather interior.

DMC manufactures all its Aerodynamic packages in-house and has done since it started. Their craftsmen considered the Aston Martin DBX carefully and decided against making it look too wide, choosing to keep the model’s optimal appearance. However, the Designers wanted to improve wind flow and downforce to match the power increase.

A closer look at the front bumper tunnels on the car

Turbulence has been reduced on the front by fitting front bumper tunnels, channelling the air hitting the car. You can choose between a glossy or matte Carbon finish or have the parts painted to match the body colour.

A rear view of the car showing the upgraded spoiler

DMC’s engineers have developed a beautiful trunk wing and a stunning roof spoiler for the rear, which can be added separately, but the company recommend the benefits of combining both. There is also a new rear diffuser that completes the rear aero package.

PUR WHEELS has a long term partnership with DMC, and they provided the DBX Fuerte 2022 with custom wheels. These come in Dimensions of 10×24″ (Front) and 12.5×24″ (Rear) with suitable tyres specs of 295/30R24 and 355/25R24.

A view of some of the controls and the buttons to access the various driving modes

Aston Martin’s DBX SUV comes with a V9 Twin Turbo Engine that, as standard, is incredible, but DMC don’t like being standard; they want exceptional. Fitting a brand new Engine Management (ECU), bigger Turbo-Loaders, a Sport-Filter, and a new ultra-lightweight exhaust system, the company increases Torque, BHP and top speed. You get an increase of 303 PS from 505 to 808, and with torque, a rise from 700 Nm to 1000 Nm. Top speed now becomes a staggering 200 MPH with 0-60 MPH time reducing to 3.8 secs, fantastic for a pretty heavy SUV.

The leather used inside the car

Italian fine leathers, wood trims and carbon fibre are used inside for an even more luxurious feel than the original Aston Martin DBX. Every client will want to put their mark on their car, and DMC will work directly with them on every aspect of the finishes.

About DMC
Founded in Germany in 2009, DMC quickly expanded to Hong Kong and the Middle East, developing its significant sites. Their primary Marque was Lamborghini, where they worked on the Diablo, Murcielago and Gallardo, leading to their company gaining plaudits. Overnight fame came when DMC produced the Aventador “Molto Veloce” in 2012. Nowadays, the company is known for its high-quality work encompassing most supercar brands, as well as producing prototype components via its ZESAD shops in Germany and China.

Prices vary according to what modification package you want for your DBX, and you have complete control over colours and aspects of the interior.

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