Luxurious Magazine Launches the Doffing the Hat Podcast Talk Show

Luxurious Magazine Launches the Doffing the Hat Podcast Talk Show

Luxurious Magazine has entered the world of podcasting with the launch of the Doffing the Hat talk show. In each episode, the magazine’s founder, Paul Godbold, will be talking to leading experts, exceptional people and even unsung heroes to learn their stories and exchange knowledge, views and opinions.

Over the past ten years+, the Luxurious Magazine team has interacted with and interviewed thousands of people. Writing pieces allows us to offer insight, but there is always something missing. Although words help convey a story, it isn’t easy to bring people’s personalities into the equation using the written word. The most obvious way to do this is via a conversation that others can listen to, hence, Doffing the Hat.

Some of our readers will probably wonder why we chose to name the podcast show, Doffing the Hat? It’s a longstanding British phrase that means to show respect by tilting a hat forward. We spent a long time thinking up the show’s name and decided that Doffing the Hat was perfect as it is non-specific, allowing us to talk to experts and outstanding people from any field.

As we operate in the field of luxury and lifestyle, we will, of course, be featuring experts and luminaries from those industries, but the host of the show, Paul Godbold, the founder of Luxurious Magazine and a member of the Chartered Institute of Journalists has a curious mind and believes that life is about learning and the more people learn about different aspects of life, the better.

The Doffing the Hat episodes will not be hour long adverts. Instead, they will be an exchange of views, opinions and knowledge shared in a friendly manner.

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Paul said, “Our podcast talk show allows me to polish up my knowledge of my guests’ area of speciality before they appear and, obviously, I’ll be adding to this during the show. In my opinion, knowledge and learning are two of the most important aspects of human development. I want to be part of something that is suitable for people of all ages, which is entertaining and educational without all the marketing and puff. I want to help create something that is honest, which will be entertaining and educational for the listeners.”

In keeping with our ethos, the shows are not seeking to create sensationalism, and we will not be designed to make our guests feel uncomfortable or awkward; this is not what you do when you engage a person in general conversation. Instead, we will have a light-hearted chat where we can learn people’s stories, ask questions, explore opinions, and gain tips and advice.

Luxurious Magazine has been independently acknowledged as probably the safest news platform in the world, and somewhere people of all ages can gain information. In keeping with this, Doffing the Hat will contain no swearing etc. just an exchange of views, knowledge and life skills in a friendly manner.

The first episode has already been launched and is available to download for free from the major podcasting platforms. Paul talks to Dr Audrey Tang, a Chartered Psychologist, motivational speaker, award-winning author, and wellness expert in the first episode. In the hour-long conversation, Paul and Dr Tang discuss the impact social media has on people’s mental health, explore areas such as whether DNA has a significant impact on the personality, and other areas such as stress, mediation, and more.

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