Compact Cameras for Travel Photography – Part 1: The Canon EOS M5

Compact Cameras for Travel Photography – Part 1: The Canon EOS M5 2

If you’re keen on taking more than smartphone snaps or simple selfies when travelling, you may well wonder what camera you can use that’ll do the job without weighing you down with tons of camera gear. Well, Luxurious Magazine has the answer.

Over this and the next few weeks, best selling author and photographer Doug Harman looks over a few choice camera choices, starting here with Canon’s compact EOS M5 and discovers if it just might fit the “true travel photography companion” billing Canon says it meets.

And so, if you enjoy photographing your journeys but hate carrying around a heavy camera and associated lenses, or you’re dissatisfied with the smartphone snaps, you may take most of the time and you want better quality images, Mirrorless Compact System Cameras might just fit the bill.

What is a Mirrorless Compact System Camera?
Mirrorless Compact System Cameras (or CSCs for short) are small, lightweight yet serious cameras that feature everything a traditional digital SLR (DSLR) has on board in terms of key technology, but in a svelte package. This size and weight reduction is achieved by removing the mirror, it’s mirror box and the pentaprism and the housing associated with it, all of which are used within ‘normal’ DSLRs. This reduces the size of the body and allows for much smaller optics to be attached too.

A normal DSLR’s mirror is used to direct light from the lens up and into the viewfinder, where you can view the image you’re about to shoot. CSCs use either an electronic viewfinder or the large display on their back (or both), removing the need for the normal viewfinder. This is where the size and weight savings really pay off for CSCs and without compromising on functionality and image quality.

Most camera makers today have CSC variants within their product line ups, more of which I shall be looking at in my upcoming articles, among many other things.


The Canon EOS M5
Canon’s EOS M5 fuses the best and most powerful elements of its ‘bigger’ Canon DSLR brethren but with the portable convenience of a compact.

The M5 is crammed with Canon’s latest imaging technology, including an excellent 24.2-megapixel sensor with a neat ‘Dual Pixel CMOS AF’ set up, a techy thing that sounds perplexing, but all you have to know is this, it helps keep images sharply focused.

‘Cinematic’ movies are also a cinch for this camera too, should you want to unleash your inner Spielberg, in fact the M5 looks like a perfect fit for photographers wanting a lightweight camera kit that does not skimp on the tech’ thanks to the combination of small size and a strong feature set and that can shoot quality movie clips too.

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