Dr Pretam Gharat Explains How to Make a Visit to the Dentist Less Daunting

A visit to the dentist can often be very stressful

Draw up a list of things you like doing, and we’re quite sure, going to the dentist will not be on it. Any visit to the dentist involves stress, tension and in many cases, outright fear. London-based dentist Dr Pretam Gharat tells us some ways to make a visit to the dental surgery slightly more comfortable on your nervous system.

Aside from having a reputation as London’s most stylish dentist, Dr Gharat is an expert when it comes to cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry, orthodontics and general/family dentistry. This makes him ideally placed to advise on what methods work to ease stress and tension, here’s what he suggests.

Dr Pretam Gharat Explains How to Make a Visit to the Dentist Less Daunting

1. Read some testimonials – reading genuine testimonials from other patients can help put you at ease – especially if they indicate their fear of the dentist was alleviated.

2. Talk to your dentist – let your dentist know that you find visits to the practice stressful. They’re highly experienced professionals and likely to experience this regularly. They know techniques and often utilise specialty equipment to help you feel less on edge.

3. Listen to music – check with your dentist first, but listening to some music with your headphones / watching TV can help distract you from any unwanted sounds and put you in a more tranquil state (just ensure you’re able to gesture with your dentist when required).

4. Apply breathing techniques – focus on your breathing before, during and after the appointment to keep you calm. Rely on using slow drawn out breaths to ensure your body is less tense, allowing your mind to be as free as can be. Keeping a steady breathing rate is vital for staying mellow!

5. Pain relief – if the pain is too much, ask for some relief beforehand and don’t feel any shame if asking for an alternative to a needle as numbing creams are available. Safety is paramount, but if there are options to make the experience a little less daunting, your dentist will be willing to help.

About Dr Pretam Gharat
Dr Pretam Gharat is an award-winning implant and cosmetic dentist based in London. He has the reputation of being one of the most innovative and most patient-focused professionals in the capital. Dr Pretam is also fully qualified in Conscious Intravenous Sedation to help nervous/anxious patients. You can discover more by visiting the website www.PretamGharat.com.

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Dr Pretam Gharat Explains How to Make a Visit to the Dentist Less Daunting 2


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