Getting Up Close & Personal with the Highly-Anticipated DS 7 CROSSBACK SUV in Paris


The ultimate in driving experience

Driving the DS Inspiration Opéra was an experience, not least because I was in Paris and driving on the opposite side of the road in one of the busiest cities in the world. Despite being big and spacious, it was easy to manoeuvre from the city to the motorway and onto rural roads. The wheel felt light on the hands and sensitive so that needed getting used to. The brakes also only needed a gentle tap rather than a heavy foot which I eventually got the hang of.

Getting Up Close & Personal with the Highly-Anticipated DS 7 CROSSBACK SUV in Paris 4

I did feel that the car fractionally rolled back a couple of times when I was about to embark from a stationary uphill position, but apart from that, I was more than content with it. Inside, the car couldn’t have been better than it was. Roomy, with the sleek finishes – which I adored the look of, and the brand’s trademark comfortable seating, made it a really enjoyable ride.

Detecting bumps and increased visibility

Comfort at the wheel comes in all forms including the DS Active Scan Suspension (optional for the France range, or as standard on the Grand chic trim). It anticipates defects in the road through a camera that detects bumps and dips 5m in front of the car and continuously, and independently, controls the four shock absorbers to make them firmer or softer.

Getting Up Close & Personal with the Highly-Anticipated DS 7 CROSSBACK SUV in Paris 5

Another of the innovations which gripped me was the choice of adding the DS Connected Pilot. Together with DS Night Vision and DS Driver Attention Motoring, it would provide a real step towards autonomous driving. The DS Night Vision is super impressive. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I sampled it.

DS 7 CROSSBACK Night Vision

Using the infrared camera in the radiator grille, DS Night Vision improves visibility during the night. This new technology is able to identify pedestrians and animals over 50cm tall up to a distance of 100m. Increased light intensity improves overall visibility up to 300m in front.

Sitting behind the wheel, I experienced this technology first-hand and identified a pedestrian. As I got closer, I saw the figure of the pedestrian clearly. The digital instrument panel clearly displayed the scene in front of the car in greyscale. I am convinced, that as dark as it was, I would not have seen the man if I didn’t have this technology. The hazard was highlighted in yellow and changed to red as I got closer to the subject. DS 7 CROSSBACK is the first vehicle in the C-SUV segment to make this technology available. It really was impressive.

Virtual reality

Curious customers and prospective buyers alike can experience the DS 7 CROSSBACK from one of the 400 stores and salons from the end of January but they can experience it for themselves right now with DS Virtual Vision 3D immersive experience. Equipped with an HTC Vive headset, customers and prospects can configure each feature, the body colour (nine colours of your choice, three types of finish: pearlescent, metallic or opaque), down to the finest detail and at full scale for the model of their choice.

Getting Up Close & Personal with the Highly-Anticipated DS 7 CROSSBACK SUV in Paris 6

Most impressively, they will be able to take it for a spin on Place de la Concorde in Paris, sit inside it, and visualise the driving aids through this virtual reality tool.

Where can I buy the DS 7 CROSSBACK?

DS 7 CROSSBACK prices start from £28,050 OTR for the Elegance Blue HDi 130 Manual and go up to £43,535 OTR for the Ultra Prestige Blue HDi 180 Automatic. The PERFORMANCE line prices start at £34,985 OTR for the PureTech 225 Automatic, while the Prestige line prices start at £38,985 for the PureTech 225 Automatic.

DS Automobiles – Where and How?

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