Give Your Garden Some Extra Wow with a Gorgeous Handcrafted Parasol

Give Your Garden Some Extra Wow with a Gorgeous Handcrafted Parasol

The sun has been shining, and for some, the shade is calling. Wouldn’t it be great to protect your delicate skin and at the same time look incredibly stylish in the process? Well, now you can and it’s thanks to the East London Parasol Company and their hand-crafted range of garden products.

With the prospect of unrestricted international travel still far away on the horizon, most of us are having to make do with the space around us. And let’s be honest, between our gardens and wide open green spaces we are a bit spoilt.

It seemed like only yesterday we were celebrating National BBQ week, and with the smell of freshly cooked meats and vegetables still lingering in many a memory and nostril, a good number of us want to keep the outdoor fun going.

With new guidance from the government, it’s now a little easier to meet up with friends when compared to a couple of weeks ago. With the sun shining, now is the ideal time to enjoy the outdoors, and what if we told you that your garden would look amazing in the process?

This is the first time we’ve looked at what the East London Parasol Company offers, and we must admit, we’re impressed.

East London and parasols that doesn’t sound like an obvious pairing, does it? Don’t worry, appearances can often be deceptive, and it’s very true in this particular case.

Each parasol and cushion is made by hand

The East London Parasol Company offers a wide range of products including parasols, furniture and soft furnishing. As you would expect from their name, we’re focusing on the parasols which are beautifully made with gorgeous fabrics, tassels and carvings in a variety of unique designs. We’re also pleased to learn they are hand-made by traditional craftsmen and artisans.

All of the parasols are available with decorative bases and cushions for the discerning garden enthusiasts and those wanting to liven up their outdoor spaces this coming summer.

The company’s founder, Lucy Ferguson, was inspired by her travels in Southern India. Whilst living in Kerala, Lucy saw decorative parasols used in religious celebrations and fell in love with the riotous colours she saw. She bought her own collection of richly coloured parasols and, on her return to East London, discovered that no time in her garden was complete without one.

She still works with the Kerala parasol makers and designs a new unique collection each year.

The parasols are priced between £320-£799

Each of the products is made by hand, using traditional handcrafts to create contemporary designs. The company holds a strong ethos of keeping artisans in work, creating high-quality competitive goods and sustaining their craft. Many of these processes can’t be mechanised, and if they were, the beauty and personality of the fabrics would be lost. Each design works with the limitations of hand-made fabrics to create unique pieces that machines cannot make.

The parasols are priced between £320-£799. You can see their full range along with their other garden products at

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Give Your Garden Some Extra Wow with a Gorgeous Handcrafted Parasol 2


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