Ecriture Introduces an Elevated Dining Experience and New Tasting Menus

Ecriture Introduces an Elevated Dining Experience and New Tasting Menus

Ecriture, the contemporary French restaurant led by Executive Chef Maxime Gilbert and Chef de Cuisine Heloise Fischbach, is seeking to elevate its already renowned dining experience by introducing new lunch and dinner tasting menus that draw their inspiration from bright summer flavours.

The new signature tasting menus at Ecriture include the Calligraphy Lunch Menu and Library of Flavours Dinner Menu, designed with a particular focus on high-quality Japanese and French producers and artisans and the season’s finest produce curated from the Asian region. In this feature, we’ll be exploring the incredible fayre awaiting patrons.

New Calligraphy Lunch Menu & New Library of Flavours Dinner Menu
To begin the dining experience, the refreshed Calligraphy Lunch Menu and Library of Flavours Dinner Menu both offer a diverse medley of reimagined canapés: Gougere, or choux pastry puffs mixed with grated comté cheese, caviar and pine panna cotta cream, Mixed Vegetables of carrots, celery, banana shallots and black truffle wrapped in feuilleté (flaky pastry) amaranth, buckwheat, cocoa nibs and lemon gel, Amaebi “a la cuillere” (by the spoonful) with amaebi mousse, Iwashi on French toast with tomato compote, “Tartaouille”, a play on Ratatouille Nicoise, made of yellow, green and trumpet zucchini with eggplant and red bell pepper confit, and Yakitori of Mont Saint Michel Mussels smoked in pine needles.

A table laid out with plates of Amuse Bouche

Seasonal highlights found on both of the new Ecriture menus include Cucumber Flowers, a carpaccio of olive oil and lime marinated cucumber, kiwi and cucumber jus with banonegi, served with an accompaniment of leek fondue with tonka bean; Duck Foie Gras, a dish of coffee foie gras custard that is designed for a special collaboration with Nespresso features passionfruit jelly infused with roasted coffee bean – similar in texture to chawanmushi, topped with creamy Hokkaido sea urchin; or the supplemental option of the iconic Caviar and Uni Tart (+HK$788 pp), a decadent buckwheat tart filled with Royal Caviar Club hybrid sturgeon caviar. kabu purée, Hokkaido sea urchin, and beurre blanc.

The Ratatouille dish with a stuffed pepper in an oval lidded bowl

A vegetarian highlight that is available on both menus includes Ratatouille, where Indigo tomato is stuffed with colourful layers of yellow, green and trumpet zucchini, aubergine caviar and red bell pepper confit wrapped with kombu seaweed and served with a sauce of Indigo tomato reduction infused with Rooibos tea.

The red mullet and zucchini dish

Available exclusively on Ecriture’s Library of Flavours dinner menu are the torched Red Mullet from Brittany, served with trompetta zucchini, almond cream, Bellota ham extraction, and red mullet soufflé stuffed inside the zucchini flower on the side; Tourteau, Brittany crab steamed in white vinegar with a compote of peach and espelette pepper with a sabayon of Tourteau Crab and curry with seaweed from Brittany, Aveyron Blanc de Blanc Lamb, a milk-fed three months-old lamb coated in buckwheat seeds, served with its cutlet, saddle and confit neck and Flying Line Caught Turbot, a Brittany Turbot stung with tagette and cooked above a Korean Barbecue, served with a fricassee of fava beans, fraise de veau (veal intestine), fish fins and finished with a concentrated turbot sauce.

The pigeon dish on a white plate

From the Calligraphy lunch menu, guests may enjoy the exclusive Pigeon from Poitou, cooked in a sugar crust with various herbs such as lavender, thyme and rosemary, carved and served table-side along with cherry carpaccio, lavender-glazed cherry, and salmis sauce created with the pigeon’s innards, leaving no part to waste; and for dessert, Gargiuette Strawberry, the sweet and tangy early variety of spring strawberries that are marinated in basil oil, served with lime panna cotta and Mochida tomato jam.

The Rhubarb dessert

Two exclusive desserts by local pastry chef Cyrus Yan comprise Citrus, a burnt Timut pepper meringue served with coconut sorbet, diced citrus, bee pollen and lemon curd; and Rhubarb, slow-cooked rhubarb sorbet served with elderflower yoghurt foam. Finish every meal at Écriture with Chef Maxime’s signature Les Gourmandises, a collection of seasonal petit fours including a classic French vanilla flan, chocolate tart with cognac ganache, Miyazaki mango and Kyoho grape soaked in Japanese sake jelly. The full Calligraphy Menu and Library of Flavours Menu at Écriture can be read here.

Chef Maxime Gilbert and Chef de Cuisine Heloise Fischbach

Ecriture’s Calligraphy Lunch Menu is priced from HK$1,188 per person for 4-courses, with an optional add-on wine pairing with four glasses at +HK780 and HK$1,488 per person for 5-courses, with an optional wine pairing with five glasses at +HK$980.

The Library of Flavours Dinner Menu is priced starting at HK$2,188 per person for the full tasting menu, with an optional add-on wine pairing for +HK$1,980. All prices are subject to a 10% service charge, and menus are for reference purposes only as ingredients may vary due to seasonality.

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