EDI’s Endorphin-led Spirited Euphoria Drink is Put to the Palate Test

EDI's Endorphin-led Spirited Euphoria Drink is Put to the Palate Test

The Endorphin Dealer Institute, known as EDI, has launched Spirited Euphoria, a drink they say gives you pleasure and a similar feeling to consuming alcohol without the negative impacts. It releases endorphins that give you a natural sense of well-being and calmness, which I am quite sure, we can all benefit from.

People drink alcohol for many reasons, but we all know the consequences of excess consumption. Imagine if you could drink a product, and instead of having adverse effects, you would be stimulated, happy, friendly and calm.

Well, EDI’s Spirited Euphoria is a brand new innovative drink which if it can do what it expects to, would change consumer drinking habits and would be a big step towards shaping the future of the drinks industry.

A person holding a bottle of Spirited Euphoria in hand

What is Spirited Euphoria?
Spirited Euphoria is a non-alcoholic distilled endorphin spirit from the newly established Endorphin Dealer Institute. A unique blend of hemp, and cannabidiol (CBD), triggers feelings of pleasure and relaxation.

These high-quality ingredients combine with the natural cognitive-enhancing nootropics and relaxing adaptogens to help people feel good and unwind after a busy day.

The two founders of EDI

Of particular interest to me is that racing driver Jean-Éric Vergne is one of EDI founders. He says, “Drinking, its effects, and the ways we socialise have been untouched for thousands of years. Spirited Euphoria changes that, offering a refined way to relax and feel good in certain occasions and at certain times when alcohol isn’t quite right, but when that ‘unwinding’ sensation might still be appreciated.”

Alexander Jakobi, Edi Co-Founder, added: “Spirited Euphoria’s new kind of alcohol-free enjoyment offers something entirely different in non-alcoholic spirits. Alongside its pleasurable feel-good endorphin effect and zero hangovers, it also brings to life the beautiful and intriguing range and variety of natural hemp flavours offering something quite special.”

According to EDI, the drink is an aromatic, complex and layered balance of citrus green, herbaceous hemp and peppery spice flavours, followed by a smooth, woody finish. Spirited Euphoria contains just two calories per serving, THC-free, alcohol-free, vegan, sugar-free, carb-free, gluten-free, and 100 % natural.

The brand says as people drink Spirited Euphoria more frequently, the benefits escalate, creating the ‘Edi Effect’ – a noticeable ‘feel-good’ sensation, with no ‘morning after’ ill effects.

The active functional ingredients work together to create the impact, which you experience in your way. Typically an uplifted and relaxed feeling made from the endorphin effects of hemp, nootropics and adaptogens.

In 2019, in the sunshine by a pool in Santiago, the two Co-Founders realised they needed a new kind of drink. They wanted to relax yet remain sharp for a race the following day, something to calm them without the effects of alcohol.

Drinks innovator Helen Locke

They partnered with drink innovators Anthony Wilson and Helene Locke (above) to bring their vision to life using a complex blend of high-quality natural, active and uplifting ingredients.

What did I think of Spirited Euphoria?
I drank Spirited Euphoria over several nights, sometimes neat others with tonic water and orange peel. I’ll admit that I wasn’t a fan of the taste. I personally found it to be quite bland when neat, with no sign of the promised botanical notes.

I’ll hold my hands up and freely admit that my palette may not be as refined as others, which would probably be why I could not detect the subtleties of flavours mentioned.

Two glasses of Spirited Eurphoria with slices or orange peel

When mixed with the suggested tonic, all that came through was the tonic overpowering the Spirited Euphoria. Perhaps it is just me, but I didn’t notice any of the expected positive effects, which left me disappointed.

This is just my personal experience, and Spirited Euphoria may well produce far better results for others. After all, we’re all made differently from each other, so I have no doubts others will appreciate the flavour more than I did.

A huge amount of credit must go to EDI for producing Spirited Euphoria and their vision to change people’s drinking habits. It is a difficult task to undertake, and they are just at the start of what will be a long, exciting and hopefully fulfilling journey

Spirited Euphoria – Where and How?

Spirited Euphoria is Edi’s first release in its range of luxury distilled endorphin spirits. A second is due to be launched in the summer, followed by a third in 2022. For more information about how to purchase, please visit www.edispirits.com.

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