Eight Reasons Why the Eurotunnel Le Shuttle is the Greener Way to Travel

Eight Reasons Why the Eurotunnel Le Shuttle is the Greener Way to Travel

Most people are happy to find ways to help protect the environment, and according to some scientists, a good way to do this is by reducing one’s carbon footprint. If you live in the UK and plan to head to the continent, one of the greenest ways to do this is by travelling on the Eurotunnel Le Shuttle.

When it comes to the greenest ways to travel from the UK to the European continent, some will likely forget about train travel. Here in the UK, we have the advantage of something amazing called the Eurotunnel Le Shuttle, and it is not only fast and easy but also an ideal way to reduce your carbon footprint.

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For this feature, we look at eight key environmental facts and undertakings by Eurotunnel and its parent company, Getlink.

(1). The construction of the Channel Tunnel is designed with eco-friendliness in mind. Marine life is protected as the tunnel doesn’t interfere with their life and fragile ecosystem.

Cars driving onto the train(2). Eurotunnel is the only cross-Channel operator to reveal their carbon emissions, which they have done since 2006. Despite a very low carbon footprint already, the Getlink Group is committed to reducing it even more, with a goal of a 30% reduction in emissions by 2025 compared to 2019. Beyond 2025 the Group will continue to reduce emissions to get to Net Zero by 2050.

(3). In May 2022, the first power flow was successfully transferred over the 52km ElecLink cable installed inside the Channel Tunnel. This optimises the existing infrastructure and promotes the development of alternative energies in France and the UK. It will avoid hundreds of thousands of tonnes of CO2 each year by limiting the use of fossil energy sources on both sides of the Channel. Additionally, no aerial or submarine cables help avoid interference with marine life.

(4). All Le Shuttle trains are electric (from low carbon sources), therefore no air pollution and very low greenhouse gas emissions. In 2022, electricity consumption for Eurotunnel was certified as 51% renewable source and 60% low carbon, including nuclear energy. In addition, Eurotunnel is working hard to develop its own renewable farms.

(5). If your car is full of passengers, your carbon emissions will be reduced by up to 67% compared to flying – even less if your car is electric. Eurotunnel produces, on average, 2kg of CO2 per car per crossing, compared to 147kg of CO2 for a typical Dover-Calais ferry. That’s 73x less!

(6). Eurotunnel provides charging stations to the growing number of Shuttle customers travelling with electric vehicles at both the Folkestone and Coquelles terminals. All 16 chargers are free to use and support most models.

(7). Samphire Hoe nature reserve was built using the millions of tonnes of chalk marl extracted from beneath the sea during the construction of the Channel Tunnel. In 2022 it received its 17th Green Flag Award and welcomes more than 130,000 visitors each year. Some 140 species of birds and 200 plants are found there.

(8). On the French side, 31 hectares have been devoted to biodiversity preservation since 2021. Moreover, polluting mechanical equipment used to maintain the green areas around the Coquelles terminal has been partially replaced by Salers and Highland cattle. They now graze 34 hectares considerably more peacefully than the land-clearers did.

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Book your trip with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle from as little as:

  • £83 per vehicle (up to 9 passengers) each way for a Short Stay Saver ticket (valid for five calendar days)
  • £104 per vehicle (up to 9 passengers) for a Standard ticket (for any duration). One way
  • £269 per vehicle (up to 9 passengers) for a Flexiplus ticket, turn up any time and get on the next available train, and access to the club lounge (for any duration). One way
  • Take your pet from just £22 each way

UK residents are now eligible for tax-free shopping in France – find out more on Eurotunnel Le Shuttle’s tax-free page

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