Evisu – Cult denim Brand

Evisu – Cult denim Brand

What to look hip and cool and yet dignified at the same time? Yes you can with cult Japanese denim brand Evisu.

Founded in Osaka, Japan in 1991, Evisu is a high end denim brand which is known among the fashion circles for their high-quality craftsmanship and ground-breaking designs. The name itself Evisu is derived from Ebisu, the name of the God of the Ocean in traditional Japanese folk lore and is one of the 7 Gods they worship. In the earlier years, Evisu made only 14 pairs of denim per day and the now iconic Seagull logo on the back were hand stitched individually. With its craftsmanship and detail unrivalled in the industry, the Evisu brand started attracting the attention of the Japanese denim community who embraced it and started the global trend of washed and retro style denim.

For the Evisu Autumn Winter 2013 Collection, Evisu has gone back to its roots and has infused its usually cutting-edge denim with traditional Japanese touches. This unique and one of a kind collection incorporates core elements of traditional Japanese denim wear with modern touches. For the Evisu Private Stock Collection, the brands flagship line, the essence of Japanese culture at superlative levels of quality and craftsmanship is showcased. The entire collection is crafted in Okayama in Japan, the home of Japanese denim. Utilising sophisticated and specially crafted looming machines, the premium quality unsanforized selvedge denim, Kibata, undergoes more than 30 steps to dye it the famous indigo blue. A handful of master craftsman then hand paint the Evisu Seagull logo on the back pockets in separate layers. These iconic jeans are an ode to the flawless art of Japanese craftsmanship.

Japanese denim brand Evisu.

Evisu Heritage Collection are classics with a twist and underpins the design direction of this range. Fusing new age design elements with the traditional denim wear, the collection offers a sophisticated and stylish look. This season Evisu integrates the ever popular camouflage print and other outdoor gear elements into the collection which makes the pieces easy to complement other items from other Evisu ranges. The collection is formal enough to wear to 5-star restaurants and cultural landmarks such as the Aoyama or the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo, yet still look current and fashionable.

Evisu Genes Collection is the core line within the Evisu brand. It stands out from the other collections by being designed especially for street wear. This new-age, pop-coloured denim package is inspired by Tokyos unbridled buzz and presents the fun loving face of Japan to the world. Suitable for all ages, the collection features elements such as patchwork and colourful prints that are used to update classic designs such as MA 1 and varsity jackets. The bright colour palette for slim and skinny denim adds a more modern touch to the entire collection, making it contemporaneous with global fashion trends showcased by fashionistas in places such as Shibuya.

For further information, please visit www.evisu.com

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