Experience the thrill of Le Mans from behind the wheel of a Nissan GT-R

Experience the thrill of Le Mans from behind the wheel of a Nissan GT-R

The chances of any of us getting behind the wheel of a car and pushing the pedal to the metal on the historic Le Mans track are slim to none.

Thanks for our friends at Nissan, we can now all take a step closer to experiencing the high speed thrills in the safety of our own homes and work places.

The video provides a perfect example of the power difference between the Nissan GT-R Nismo and the Nissan GT-R. In our everyday world, the GT-R is one of the most powerful cars you are likely to see on the road, but as the video shows, it is no match for the extreme power of the GTR-Nismo in a striaght line.

The video was filmed by Nissan during a test session and one of the first things you’ll notice about the video is how smooth it is, this is mainly due to the cars being on track during a test session where the speed is retricted, however its more than fast enough to display the skills and reactions needed to compete at the event.

Sunday is the the official test day and will see all three Nissan GT-R LM Nismo’s on the track. This will be the first time that all three of the cars will sample Le Mans and the first time that they’ll get to compare performance with the other Le Mans entrants. As with all of our friends in the motor sport industry, good luck, drive well and stay safe!

Some of the Le Mans 2015 entrants

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