Norway’s FANGST Restaurant Welcomes Bocuse d’Or Finalist for Take-over Event

Norway's FANGST Restaurant Welcomes Bocuse d'Or Finalist for its Take-over Event

FANGST, the innovative, contemporary restaurant in Hattvika Lodge, Ballstad, in Norway’s picture-perfect Lofoten Islands, has announced that Bocuse d’Or podium winner, Christian Andrè Pettersen, will be making a guest appearance during an exciting Restaurant Take-Over Event from 30th March to 1st April.

Christian, who grew up and attended a catering college in Bodø, north Norway, knows the region and the origins of its local ingredients better than most. In collaboration with FANGST’s regular chef team, he has created a unique food journey based on ‘Ferda’, which derives from the Old Norse words’ å ferde/reise’, meaning ‘to travel/journey’ and was the theme behind Norway’s bronze Bocuse D’Or win in 2021.

The interior of the contemporary restaurant

The FANGST Restaurant Take-Over will be a unique opportunity to experience some of Norway’s finest ingredients, which will be transformed into sublime, world-beating dishes by a culinary master who, through food, will trace his life from childhood to success at the Bocuse d’Or.

At the heart of the three-day menus will, of course, be Skrei or Northeast Atlantic Cod, which is both vital to the economy and integral to the culture of the Lofoten Islands.

Skrei, The Fish That Helped To Build A European Nation

Considered by some to be the king of fish, skrei build up more muscle than other cod due to their annual 1000km trek from the Barents Sea to the inner coast of Lofoten to spawn.

It is no coincidence that the Restaurant Take-Over has been arranged during this migratory period between January and April, known as ‘Lofoten Fisheries’, and at a time when the annual World Cod Fishing Championships also take place in Svolvaer on Lofoten.

Two images, one showing the guest chef smelling fresh produce, the other showing a couple having a romantic meal

Visitors can join locals in celebrating all things skrei, soak up traditional festivities and take fishing trips during their stay, learning about the 1000-year-old sustainable fishing tradition, which has been the lifeblood of Lofoten communities for centuries.

During the three-day Restaurant Take-Over, diners will savour skrei from the local fish farm in Ballstad, shellfish from Helgeland and Trøndelag, delicacies from the Lofoten Seaweed Company, and a selection of fresh produce sourced from around the archipelago and across Norway.

It’s a one-time-only opportunity to experience the culinary expertise and creativity of an international master chef in collaboration with the FANGST chef team.

The guest chef giving a thumbs up

The event will begin on Thursday 30th, March with a three-course ‘From Childhood to Bocuse’ dinner; the price per person is NOK 740 (approximately £60, including drinks).

On Friday, 31st March, diners will be treated to a five-course tasting menu, including drinks, at the cost of NOK 1850 per person (approximately £145). Before dinner, there will also be a private wine-tasting event, limited to 15 guests, at around £30 per person.

Finally, on Saturday 1st April, the eight-course Bocuse d’Or Grand Final tasting menu will be served, paired with Champagne and a selection of wines for NOK 2,550 (£200) per person, including drinks.

Once again, an intimate wine-tasting event for 15 guests will precede dinner and cost NOK 495 (£40) per person.

Two images, one showing a guest at night in one of the cottages, the other shows a person in a wooden hot tub

Diners wishing to stay at Hattvika Lodge can choose from a selection of stylish and comfortable accommodations in restored fishermen’s cottages overlooking Ballstad Harbour, hillside cabins framed by towering mountains, individual seaside suites and an exclusive lodge for two.

The prices per night range from approximately £172 to £645 for a Fisherman’s Cottage, from £293 for a Hillside Cabin, from £516 for a Seaside Suite, and from £680 for the Lodge.

For more information on the FANGST Restaurant take-over event, visit

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