Farmison & Co Brings Heritage Meat from the Dales to Your Door

Farmison & Co Brings Heritage Meat from the Dales to Your Door

Co-founded by John Pallagi and business partner Lee Simmonds in 2011, Farmison & Co in Ripon, Yorkshire, sources the finest beef, pork and lamb breeds from across the British Isles. Offering direct-to-consumer heritage breed meat and specialist free-range poultry sourced from responsible and sustainable British farms.

Born in Middlesbrough, CEO and Founder John Pallagi’s zest for life started in the cradle. Son of a Hungarian father and a Yorkshire mother who met in a bakery, his upbringing mostly revolved around food.

Throughout the noughties, he forayed into hospitality, running successful restaurants in the north of England and, together with business partner Lee, setting up an award-winning marketing agency: Flatcap, specialising in hospitality.

In 2011, with plenty of restaurant insight and experience, not to mention food innovation under their belts, John and Lee Launched Farmison & Co, an online supplier of exceptional British Produce. John’s ambition knows no bounds; He is a man on a mission, determined to get the nation and beyond Eating Better Meat.

Farmison & Co is an artisan butcher for the modern-day consumer. All of its meat sold cut fresh to order once it has reached optimum maturity using a sustainable and never intensive farming approach.

The British farms supplying Farmison & Co are responsible for preserving rare and precious native livestock breeds which may not otherwise exist, providing them with full and happy lives, contributing to local biodiversity whilst grazing the Yorkshire grasslands.

Unfettered by intensive modern-day commercial farming practices, Farmison & Co animals are left to graze and grow slowly on the grasslands of Cumbria, Yorkshire and Lancashire until the meat is ready.

Coming from a wide variety of livestock including Galloway, Aberdeen Angus, Hereford, Shorthorn, Dexter, Longhorn, Swaledale, Texel, Suffolk, Masham, Large Black, Yorkshire Pig, Saddleback, Gloucester Old Spot, each boasts unique flavours and characteristics and have been nurtured especially.

The meat from Heritage breed livestock has a mature flavour and is decadently marbled, ensuring tenderness and succulence. When dry-aged, it develops a rich layer of flavour and texture, hard to find in other meats. Farmison & Co poultry spend their days in the open air feasting on Yorkshire grasslands, giving the meat a truly aromatic and delicious taste.

Alongside traditional cuts of meat, Farmison & Co champions nose-to-tail eating. What this means is every part of the animal is used, and nothing goes to waste. Its range includes giblets, ox tongue, offal, chicken schmaltz and beef dripping. Any parts left unsuitable for human consumption are sold to high-end pet food producers.

To make things more convenient, Farmison & Co has developed oven-ready products. They include items such as beef wellington, fennel and lemon spiced spatchcock chicken, goose fat roast potatoes by Pierre Koffman and a selection of pies created with Farmison & Co meat. These oven-ready products enable its customers to recreate restaurant quality food in their home kitchen.

Farmison & Co’s Eat Better Meat® subscription boxes offer award-winning fresh and seasonal meat in the form of convenient, regular deliveries.

The contents change each month to reflect the best of Farmison & Co’s range, and boxes are available in three size options: Essentials, Large Essentials or Family to cater to the needs of different households and dinner tables nationwide.

Great taste awarded products

  • The Nidderdale classic pork sausage – £4.95 for 6
  • 32-day dry-aged cote de boeuf – from £34.50
  • 7-day dry-aged pork rib-eye steak on the bone – £8.45
  • 32-day dry-aged chateaubriand – £39.55

Other hero products

  • Wild venison & caramelised onion sausages – £6.95 for 6
  • Hand-pressed steak & bone marrow burgers – £10.95 for 4
  • Farmison & Co chicken schmaltz – £6.95
  • Farmison & Co whole crispy Peking style duck – £40
  • Fennel & lemon spiced chicken breast – free-range – £8.95
  • Fennel & lemon spiced spatchcock chicken – free-range – £13.95
  • 14-day dry-aged hanger steak £9.65
  • Ripon cathedral back bacon unsmoked – free-range – £5.95

Orders can be placed online via the Farmison & Co. online shop here.

Farmison & Co Brings Heritage Meat from the Dales to Your Door 2

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