Ferretti 500 Will Be Available in Both Classic and Contemporary Styles

Ferretti 500 is Now Available in Both Classic and Contemporary Styles

In addition to paying enormous attention to the design aspects in their range, the Italian boatbuilders are to offer their Ferretti 500 in two stylish variations. Owners can now have a state-of-the-art boat with warm tones and classic styling or something much more contemporary.

Like all the boats from Ferretti, the latest 500 is a sight to behold. It is said to offer a decent level of space, completely redesigned interior combined with a dynamic exterior—the Ferretti 500 is the first in a new era of design for the Italian boatbuilders.

Ferretti will be introducing their new design philosophy in boats starting in the 50-feet segment, through their entire range. According to the boatbuilder, the 500 is aiming to offer dimensions, and comfort found only on much larger yachts. It’s a very bold aim and probably very achievable given the boatbuilders track record.

The 500 was the result of a collaboration between the Ferretti Group Engineering Department and the Project Strategy Committee headed by Ing. The interior design aspect was placed in the very capable hands of the design studio Ideaeitalia and the exterior was overseen by the renowned architect Filippo Salvetti.

New state-of-the-art boats are not cheap, and if you factor in tailoring it to suit your personal preference the sky’s the limit when it comes to expenditure. Many new yacht owners are faced with blank canvasses; this is where Ferretti has been a bit smarter than others. The Ferretti 500 is available in two styles. If you’re a fan of the more classic styling, you’ll be happy, the same if you like something modern and more cutting edge. Being able to buy a 500 already kitted-out in one of these two styles will save a new owner a considerable amount of money.

As you would expect from something which is made in Italy, the exterior of the 500 is both sleek and aerodynamic and looks even more special with the introduction of large windows in the hull.

Inside is where the 500 gets even more interesting. Many of you will have read our piece on Ferretti’s ‘Just Like Home‘ philosophy and this evident throughout the 500. Inside, the very best of Italy is on show. There are some nice touches providing some extra visual luxury. These include Cadorin parquet, Pellini lacquered Venetian blinds, Graniti Fiandre, Galassia and OML for the bathroom, Paffoni sink taps and Colombo handles. For even more opulence, the designers have also incorporated the Gentili Mosconi Home Collection of fabrics.

The lounge are inside the Ferretti 500

The two distinct styles of the 500
The Ferretti 500 is available in two styles. The Santorini which is a classic theme and the Portofino which has a much more modern feel.

The classically-biased Santorini utilises different shades of oak throughout. The fabrics are greys, beiges and light blue, resulting in a sophisticated feel. The bathrooms make use of marble-effect stoneware, and the overall effect inside is elegant and charming.

The Portofino also utilises oak, but this is a much darker variation. It is combined with glossy and matte lacquers in blacks and whites. There is liberal use of brown leathers, chrome and fabrics. The bathrooms in the Portofino are the polar opposite of the Santorini as it makes liberal use of a dark marble effect stoneware. As you can see, it’s very much down to your personal preference, you can either have a look which is softer and cosier or something harder and a tad more clinical.

The exterior of the Ferretti 500
In keeping with the family-appeal, the 500 has a swimming platform at the stern which can be submerged. The platform’s steps make it easy and safe to enjoy the sea, and it also has an optional lift system. There’s said to be a good amount of aft storage space which should come in handy.

On the entertainment side, the cockpit has a facing table and structural sofa aft. Essentially this means it can be used as a dining or chill-out area and handily, can accommodate up to ten people.

The master cabin inside the Ferretti 500

Inside the Ferretti 500
Aside from the exterior looks, it’s inside that truly piques people’s interest. The main deck offers a decent sized lounge area with two large sofas and a coffee table which handily is able to transform into a dining table.

For the lower deck, the Ferretti 500 offers two different types of layout. You can opt for a large master bedroom and a VIP cabin. Both of these can have a private bathroom. Or a master bedroom, a VIP cabin, a further double cabin with twin beds and two bathrooms with a separate shower. The bathrooms also have large windows allowing a decent amount of natural light.

The Ferretti 500 uses twin Cummins QSB 6.7 engines delivering 550 mhp. These allow the 500 to reach a top speed of 30 knots and based on preliminary data, a cruising speed of 25 knots. And, for those not blessed with the finest of ‘sea-legs’ no need to worry. The boat has the option of gyroscopic stabilisation which offers excellent stability at sea and while at anchor.

We could’ve written a lot more on what the Ferretti 500 offers, but rather than going into too many technical details; we’ll leave the fun in discovering what we’ve left out to you. You can discover more at www.ferretti.com.

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Ferretti 500 Will Be Available in Both Classic and Contemporary Styles 2


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