Fifth Arcadia A115 is Under Construction Ready for a 2021 Launch

Fifth Arcadia 115 is Under Construction Ready for a 2021 Launch

The fifth Arcadia A115 is currently in build, and the Italian boatbuilder has revealed it’s gorgeous interiors which were styled in conjunction with Hot Labs. This new boat is ideal for personal or commercial use opening a whole range of possibilities.

The Arcadia A115 follows what seems to be a quite common design trend. I’d tend to liken it to the massive switch in the automotive industry to SUVs. Fortunately, the A115 doesn’t take a bulky exterior to the extremes like I’ve seen on some other yachts and still retains some sleekness in its design.

To my eyes, many boatbuilders seem to be moving away from the sleek low lines ingrained in many people’s mind, opting for boats that offer far more practicality.

When you ask most people to draw a silhouette of a luxury yacht, they’ll generally draw a flat pointed shape, let’s call these the sportscars of the sea. The ‘SUV’ design philosophy, which is the current trend, throws this out of the window by adopting a squatter/taller shape proving a much more comprehensive range of options.

Arcadia A115 running at sea

However, if taken too far some boats don’t look as good aesthetically. As with SUVs, this is where practicality and luxury come to the forefront, and it seems that any personal gripes about exterior styling can be overlooked particularly when faced with a spectacular interior such as the one found in the Arcadia A115.

Although the Arcadia A115 looks like a heavy boat, it’s not. The designers spent a great deal of time and attention, ensuring the boat would be structurally light. They also want to ensure that there was a natural, seamless flow between the interior and exterior spaces.

Arcadia A115 Main Saloon

The optimum use of space is the key to this boat. A great example of this is the upper deck which was designed to feel like one luxurious seamless area.

One of the most exciting aspects of the boat design is the decision to use loose components inside the Arcadia A115. What we mean by components are areas such as the cabins, dining area, hall, etc., which can all be replaced if the owner wishes.

Arcadia A115 upper saloon

As I’ve mentioned previously, this boat in line with many others is not a low, sleek projectile. The Arcadia A115 has three decks which equate to 500 square metres of livable space.

Inside guests can take a pick from four double cabins which are located on the lower deck. Quite rightly, the owner gets to experience slightly more luxury and opulence as they get the whole main deck bow area. This is a 40 square metre space that has been designed to offer complete privacy.

Arcadia A115 Master cabin

In the bow area of the lower deck, there are eight bunks for the crew in four cabins. The captain can eventually be assigned a cabin on the upper deck that is directly connected to the wheelhouse.

You can discover more about the Arcadia A115 at the boatbuilder’s website

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Fifth Arcadia A115 is Under Construction Ready for a 2021 Launch 2


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