Iceland’s Fishmas Celebration Offers ‘Good Health’ to the People of the UK

Fishmas - The Icelandic Celebration Held (at least) Twice a Week

The Icelandic people know a thing or two when it comes to celebrating and it’s a good thing too given some of the gloom in the world today. One of their lesser-known celebrations which is held at least twice weekly is Fishmas, and yes, the clue is in the name!

We’ve said among ourselves recently, we’re not even going to think about the festive season, it’s far too early. However, it’s not too early to have Fishmas on our minds as this particular celebration takes place in Iceland all-year-round and it seems that many of us here in the UK will be joining in with the festivities.

So, what is Fishmas? We’re told that it’s a twice a week (at least) culinary celebration of the country’s outstanding seafood. Iceland’s long tradition of sustainable fishing is well known and is something that other countries would give their eye teeth to duplicate.

Their combination of pristine oceans and state of the art processing equipment results in an incredible seafood bounty for its people irrespective of whether they’re on the ‘naughty or nice’ list.

Father Fishmas reading his naughty and nice list

Whenever I’ve come across an Icelandic person, I’ve always thought they looked far too healthy. I’ve always put it down to the clean air, but perhaps there was a more obvious reason? If they’re getting together with friends and family at least twice a week, tucking into some of the freshest seafood in the world, it all becomes a lot clearer.

Without stating the obvious, most types of fish are delicious to eat and packed full of goodness. If your fortunate to live in a country where you can indulge in it more than once a week, then why not?

Fishmas comes to the UK
Not wanting to keep all the fun and added benefits of Fishmas to themselves, Iceland is now bringing the tradition to the UK. To help the British people to get into the ‘Fishmas Spirit’ they’ve launched a new website fronted by Father Fishmas himself. With his team of helpers at Seafood from Iceland, they put together ten festive-themed recipes along with masses of hints and information.

Fishmas is an ideal opportunity to enjoy the company of friends and family while sharing some healthy goodness. To help get you going, the new website has some delicious sounding recipes on it, and best of all, they’ve added handy video guides to ensure you don’t make a mistake.

Recipes include Fish Tacos, Cod Ceviche and the always popular fish croquettes. They also have a suggested music playlist to help you get in the mood; songs include ‘Cod Rest Ye Merry Fishermen’, ‘Deck the Halls with Boughs of Haddock’ and ‘Hark! The Haddock Anglers Sing’.

Icelands Fishmas is coming to the UK

Let’s see what the main man, Father Fishmas, has to say about sharing his celebration with the Brits: “I’m delighted to bring our Fishmas traditions to the UK. Generation after generation, Icelandic fishermen have battled Arctic weather and formidable waves for the perfect catch. We don’t take that lightly. We treat our waters with respect as we know that a sustainable relationship with our marine resources is the key to our very existence.

But more importantly, our fish tastes so yummy. It is too good not to share with our neighbours to the south – it’s all part of the Fishmas spirit. In Iceland, we follow the ethos that the best way to spread Fishmas cheer is by cooking a delicious fish supper for all to share. I’m really looking forward to coming to town.”

For more information on how to being some Icelandic celebration into your home, visit

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Iceland's Fishmas Celebration Offers 'Good Health' to the People of the UK 2


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