FOGA’s Fogamatic is the Fast, Tasty Way to Give the Body What it Needs

The FOGA USB Powered Fogmatic blender

Obesity and its related problems are frequently headline news worldwide. What’s the solution? People will say it’s to eat healthier; however, all that cutting and dicing fresh produce is fat too time-consuming for most. What’s needed is a simple way to get all the goodness your body needs without fuss, and this is where Foga’s Fogamatic blender comes into play.

Since the early part of the year, we’ve received news releases on a company called Foga. I found some free time and wanted to write a piece incorporating some first-hand experience. Fortunately, it didn’t take long before a Foga Explorer pack containing a blender was on my desk, and I couldn’t wait to try it.

A woman showing how to operate the blender

I told my husband, Paul, it had arrived, but he wasn’t quite as enthusiastic as I was. Paul felt that if the Fogamatic blender was USB-powered, it probably wouldn’t be powerful enough to make a proper smoothie and his somewhat negative view extended to sachets inside the kit. He constantly harked back to the powdered milkshakes he drank as a child, telling me that they were nothing like a proper milkshake and could still remember the lumps of dried powder in his mouth. I was pretty sure he would be in for a surprise!

Foga is a British health-focused brand founded in 2019 by married couple Phoebe and Ollie. The company started from the couple’s home and became so popular that they now operate from a dedicated eco-factory near Cambridge. Phoebe and Ollie’s goal is to help busy Brits to feel the way they should, and a perfect test subject would be my husband, “Mr Negative!”

The explorer kit with sachets in the box next to the blender

The Foga Explorer kit is an easy way to get to know the brand. Inside the box is a Matcha Green coloured Fogamatic blender and fourteen sachets, which comprised of:

1 x Peach and Cayenne
1 x Berries and Cinnamon
1 x Blueberry and Acai
1 x Raspberry and Banana
1 x Blueberry and Apple
1 x Strawberry and Mango

1 x Beetroot and Ginger
1 x Banana and Tumeric
1 x Ginger and Greens

1 x Tropical Greens

1 x Chocolate Cookie

1 x Blueberry Pie
1 x Strawberry and Raspberry

Build a Box
1 x Kiwi and Greens

The Fogamatic blender comes in three parts which make cleaning it simple. It comprises a base that stores the battery and motor, a see-thru body and the top. On the front of the base is the main start/stop and charging indicator button, and when these pieces are connected, it becomes a portable blended that is about the same size as a standard thermos-type drinks vessel.

A woman pouring the sachet contents into the blender

Making a Foga smoothie couldn’t be simpler. All I needed to do was pour the contents of the sachet into the blender and add water to the recommended level. I was unsure how long to blend the contents but didn’t need to worry as it’s an automated timed process.

What was inside the Fogamatic blender looked delicious, and I could see small strawberry seeds and the flesh of the fruits on the top. I poured the thick liquid into a glass and had my first taste, which was delicious. Before I got too carried away, I called Paul to the kitchen and suggested he try it.

Paul took a mouthful and said to me, “You cheated! You’ve added real fruit to it. I can feel the seeds!” It took a few minutes until I could convince Paul that I hadn’t, and what he was drinking was just the contents of the sachet mixed with plain water. He was shocked and told me it was exactly what he would expect if I had chopped and diced fresh fruit and blended them.

Foga uses real fruit and vegetables, which have been freeze-dried at peak ripeness to keep all the taste and goodness. When I told Paul this, the penny clicked, and he told me that it’s the same process used on foods for astronauts. You get authentic peak quality, natural produce in each sachet sans water/moisture.

Pouring the contents inside the blender into a glass

Each sachet contains more than 150g of freeze-dried organic fruits, vegetables and superfoods, combined with Foga’s multi-nutrition complex. This technique infuses vitamins into organic buckwheat sprouts producing easily absorbed food state nutrients. Each blend is free from artificial flavourings, preservatives, or sweeteners is gluten-free and is fully plant-based.

Phoebe and Ollie have created twenty flavours, and one daily plant shake is said to increase a person’s fruit and veg intake to up to thirty portions a week while giving the body all the vitamins and minerals it needs. Treating yourself to a Foga smoothie every day does offer a wide range of health benefits, including helping with immunity, digestion, focus and cognitive functions and helping with strength and recovery.

Foga’s Fogamatic exceeded our expectations. The smoothies are absolutely delicious, and our next goal is to take the blender with us to the top of a mountain as a well-earned treat!

Foga’s flavours cost £1.99 each, and their curated starter kits start at £33.00 for a month’s supply. You can find more information on the company and its full range of options at

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FOGA's Fogamatic is the Fast, Tasty Way to Give the Body What it Needs 2

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