A First Look at the Genesis GV60 and Some of its Cutting-edge Features

A First Look at the Genesis GV60 and Some of its Cutting-edge Features

South Korea’s Genesis Motor has revealed images of their GV60 electric car. In this feature, we’re looking at what inspired the vehicle’s design and some of the things consumers can expect from the brand’s first dedicated electric platform-based vehicle.

Like many other motoring manufacturers, Genesis is now embracing the world of electric motoring in a much more significant way. Their GV60 is the Korean manufacturer’s first vehicle using its dedicated full-electric platform, E-GMP (Electric-Global Modular Platform).

An insight into the naming of Genesis vehicles
For many car buyers, the numbers and letters found alongside or within a cars name are a bit of a mystery; fortunately, Genesis has helped matters greatly by giving us a detailed insight into what the numbers and letters actually stand for.

The GV60, the ‘G’ in the name stands for Genesis, and the ‘V’ for versatility shows the brands intention towards electric motoring. If you’re wondering what the numbers are in each of the Genesis models, these denote the vehicle’s position within the brand’s lineup. Cars with lower numbers lean more towards athleticism, while the higher numbers focus more on elegance.

The styling and looks of the GV60
Genesis is known for getting the looks of their vehicles spot on, with the initial models fronting their first foray into the UK and European market being very reminiscent of a well-known, vastly more expensive, high-end luxury automotive brand. Those who’ve read our previous article on Genesis’ move into the UK and European markets (here) will know which brand we are alluding to.

However, the GV60 is a distinct departure in its styling from its GV80 SUV and its G80 Saloon. To start with, from the front, the GV60 looks somewhat reminiscent of a Citroen C4 Cactus, which is sure to delight owners of that particular model; however, things change drastically and for the better from the side.

A close up of the cars grille and badge

The front of the GV60
According to Genesis, the GV60’s front design has been optimised for electric motoring. It features two parallel lines of lamps on either side of the car, which are said to add extra character and volume to the body of the vehicle. To increase cooling for the high-voltage batteries in the underbody, Genesis has installed a wider crest grille below the lamps that was specifically designed to give the car a more athletic look.

The grill features a Guilloché pattern, and in addition to this, the front grille boasts a new wing emblem which is said to be 80 per cent thinner than the ones found on other models. Whilst discussing the front of the car, another of the nice features (and a first for the brand) is the introduction of a ‘clamshell hood’. In simple terms, this is a single panel that combines the hood and the fenders, giving the car an even sleeker look.

A side view of the new all-electric car

The side profile of the GV60
From the side, the GV60 has an attractive smooth profile that is not a million miles away from some higher-end SUVs currently available on the market. Genesis has likened the profile to that of a performance coupe which, to my eyes, is a bit of a stretch. However, it does look considerably more streamlined than some of the bloated monstrosities currently available.

Exterior touches include a chrome line that flows from the windscreen to the top of the daylight opening window and extends to a C-pillar design. In line with the brand’s luxury, cutting tech ethos, the GV60 has implemented digital side mirrors to improve the car’s appearance.

A closer view of the digital side mirror on the Genesis GV60

This is the first time we’ve seen this, and we must admit that we are in two minds about this rather interesting feature. People driving too close and wing mirror clipping is an everyday occurrence on the roads, and should this happen to a driver of a GV60; it could prove to be a very costly repair.

The rear of the GV60
When we receive news releases on products, they frequently contain unnecessary verbiage coupled with a liberal dose of flowery words, which most everyday consumers will turn a blind eye to. Fortunately, we do have some images which allow us to determine our own thoughts on the vehicle.

A three quarter side profile view of the car showing the rear light display and roof spoiler

Sadly, what we don’t have is any direct images of the absolute rear of the vehicle, only the image above. Fortunately, the internet has come to the rescue, and we’ve been able to see the basic silhouette via some spy shots. Unless things have changed drastically, the car has a similar look to other high-end SUVs currently available for sale.

At the rear of the car are combination lamps and a fixed wind spoiler designed to accentuate the coupe-shaped form. The cars shoulder volume is said to have been given extra emphasis from the rear fender. Handily, sensors are installed at the rear, which given the brand’s propensity towards cutting edge tech, will likely be coupled with video monitoring from the dashboard.

The Genesis GV60 dashboard

Inside the GV60
Genesis is what we consider to be experts when it comes to interior styling. The Genesis GV60 continues this trend, albeit with a more contemporary bias in this particular vehicle. The design ethos behind the interior is what the brand has termed ‘Beauty of White Space’, culminating in a comfortable and spacious interior.

Inside the GV60 and a quite noticeable feature is what the brand has called the Crystal Sphere. It is a sphere-shaped electronic transmission control that is said to intuitively informs the driver of oncoming driving conditions. How exactly this works, we don’t know at this stage. However, we’re quite sure that we’ll be able to shed more light on this over the coming weeks and months. A nice touch regarding the crystal sphere is that it has mood lights that illuminate when you drive the vehicle.

A closer view of the crystal sphere in the armrest

The centre console, where the crystal sphere is located, adopts what the brand calls a floating design; you’ll get a better idea of this from the image above. Another feature inside the car, and in keeping with its relatively minimal design, is a flat floor which helps to create the feeling of more space.

That’s pretty much all we have to report on the GV60 at this stage. Its success will be dependent on its pricing, range and a few other factors. It will have in its favour the incredibly high level of customer service the brand offers.

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A First Look at the Genesis GV60 and Some of its Cutting-edge Features 2


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