Interview With Georgie Bell, Global Malts Ambassador For Dewar’s

Whisky industry is male dominated need to change

LM: How are you looking to change a traditionally male-dominated industry?
GB: The industry collectively is changing this image, although historically (and today) women have always been involved in the whisky industry. Gone are the days where it’s ‘beer for the lad, white wine for the lass’ – there are no gender borders when it comes to drinks – like there shouldn’t be for anything, for that matter.

Through projects such as #OurWhisky, we are constantly beating the drum to make whisky more gender-inclusive and less regarded as a male-dominated industry. During the last 10 years, I’ve seen the gender balance of those into whisky, and those drinking it, change significantly. I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Aberfeldy 40-Year-Old

LM: You have just launched the Aberfeldy 40-Year-Old, the distillery’s rarest and most distinguished Golden Dram. Please tell our readers a little more about it.
GB: Yes! This is something we are super excited about! Aberfeldy has recently unveiled their 40-Year-Old limited edition, their most rare and distinguished Golden Dram, with approximately 160 bottles released, each priced at £2,500.

For more than 120 years, Aberfeldy has been crafting some of Scotland’s most beguiling single malt whiskies, with the single cask being its ultimate expression. Having rested in three separate oak casks since 22nd August 1978, Aberfeldy 40-Year-Old will be released in three single cask editions, giving collectors a chance to own each one. All three casks are American oak, ex-bourbon hogsheads. To uncover a parcel of whisky of this age with such a distinct personality and excellence is, indeed, a rare find.

A bottle of Aberfeldy 40-Year-Old

It is also a true one-of-a-kind expression from Aberfeldy, where the bottle is only available from the distillery itself as a hand-bottled exclusive. It’s an amazing experience to offer visitors at the distillery as they will get a chance to fill their own bottle, by hand, directly from the cask, in the distillery’s historic warehouses. The bottle will then be wax-dipped in gold and sealed before their very eyes – an unparalleled experience.

Georgie Bell, Global Malts Ambassador For Dewar's
Georgie Bell, Global Malts Ambassador For Dewar’s.

LM: What major releases can we expect to see in 2020?
GB: Well, if I told you that it wouldn’t be a surprise! Keep your eyes peeled as we always have something up our sleeve (and treasures in our warehouse just waiting to be drunk and enjoyed).

LM: With all your knowledge that you have built up over the years, would you ever see yourself as a Master Distiller or Whisky Maker one day?
GB: Who knows what the future will hold!

LM: Are you a collector of whisky, or do you make sure that your hobbies are completely separate from your work?
GB: Funnily enough, a big passion of mine is travelling! When I’m not travelling with work, I’m travelling with my boyfriend. I also enjoy running, swimming and cycling and try and set myself a sports challenge once a year. In 2019, it was open water swimming off the west coast of Scotland. For 2020. It’s the turn of marathon running.

LM: Thank you for your time Georgie, and it has been a pleasure talking to you.
GB: Thank you! Cheers!

You can discover more about Aberfeldy via an independent guide written by Graham Grieve at

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