Give Your Luscious Locks A Much Needed Revamp This Spring

Give Your Luscious Locks A Much Needed Revamp This Spring

We often hear of updating our skin care routine for a refresh come spring. And there’s no shortage of information on how to go about with a spring beauty reset. But have you ever thought of giving your hair the same level of attention? Well, it’s just as important to keep your locks in tip-top condition for a much-needed look-good and look-good boost in between those hairdresser appointments.

We may not have paid all that much attention to our all-over beauty regime, let alone our locks during the lockdown as our social lives took a nose-dive. But with the world opening up again, it’s good to get clued up on keeping our hair in good condition no matter the weather. For some insider tips, professionals at Revamp have offered Luxurious Magazine readers some vital tips on taking the control back and giving your hair some much needed TLC.

With spring casting a shadow over the drawn-out winter, there is no other perfect time to inject some life into our locks. Not dissimilar to our skin, our hair has different needs from season to season. While winter may be over, it may have left hair damaged and limp from heated homes and harsh weather. And while spring and summer are welcome changes, humidity, heat and pool water could damage hair in other ways. So, let’s get a head start.

A cut above the rest
It may sound obvious, but starting with a much-needed trim is vital. But don’t worry, you can still keep the length if you prefer longer hair. Just a small snip will help remove dry split ends. An inch or two will give your hair the much-needed health boost to make it happier. We often have our hairdryer setting on high heating in the winter, but now would be a good time to turn it down a notch. The Revamp Progloss 5500 Iconic Hair With the dryer comes with four heat settings and an ultra-cool freeze shot so you can be in control of the temperature and minimise heat damage.

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Nourish your hair
Have you ever wondered if your plate plays a part in hair health? Well, it does. The saying ‘you are what you eat’ can be extended to your hair too. For stronger hair, you’ll need to ensure your diet has enough protein in it.

Think eggs, salmon, chicken and turkey. But if you’re a vegetarian and prefer veggies, edamame is a tasty alternative that’s packed with protein. Iron is important, too, so it’s not a bad idea to stock up on avocados and spinach when doing the weekly food shop.

Frizz freedom
April may have brought about its fair number of showers, but we all know rain is not just reserved for that month. With UK’s notorious weather, rain can be upon us at any time. And this, in turn, can spell bad news for your hair leading to frizzy uncontrollable strands. But there is a way to fight the frizz without losing moisture, according to Revamp experts.

The Revamp Progloss Deepform Straight & Style Blow Dry Brush

They suggest switching up your shampoo for one that retains moisture and picking up a conditioner that helps with humidity before using appliances on your mane. Their Revamp Progloss Deepform Straight & Style Blow Dry Brush features ceramic bristles and gentle heat settings, which makes for a kinder way to fight the frizz.

Moisture management
Sticking with the moisture theme, the changing seasons can have a bigger impact on our hair than we realise. Therefore it’s important to hydrate it frequently. If you’ve noticed your hair is feeling dry or that the ends are looking a little worse for wear, it may be time to book a trim.

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Invest in some nourishing, moisturising leave-in creams that you can work into your strands from the mid-lengths to the ends. Oh, and here’s a top tip – avoid the roots to prevent a build-up of grease.

[UV] ray of sunshine
Again wearing sun protection comes naturally – when it comes to our skin, that is. But your hair needs the same level of love when the sunshine comes out. The sun can cause discolouration, add to dry, brittle strands and even thinning. Finer, lighter hair is more vulnerable to the sun as it lacks the oils and pigment that offer protection to thicker, coarser hair. So play it safe and shop SPF hair products to keep it super healthy.

Updating your locks and salon-quality looks needn’t be pricey or time-consuming. These tips will go a long way to help you have a great mane to match your skin.

Revamp – Where and How?

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Give Your Luscious Locks A Much Needed Revamp This Spring 2

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