GlamperRV Business Line – The Ultimate Luxury Mobile Office

GlamperRV Business Line - The Ultimate Luxury Mobile Office

Inspiration is such a vital part of being productive and a change of scenery is one of the simplest ways to invigorate the mind. This is what makes the GlamperRV Business so exciting, it is a luxurious mobile office allowing you to work from almost anywhere.

This year, the world changed; there is no need to go into any detail as we are all aware of how. This change has resulted in many people experiencing a working life from home.

Some have created dedicated offices inside their homes at a huge cost, others in their gardens. But, even with an amazing working environment, people need inspiration, they need to get away. This is where the GlamperRV Business Line comes into the frame.

The GlamperRV Business is a mobile business class home office that provides complete freedom and does away with the need for hotel stays, restaurants, meeting office rentals and much more.

Imagine being able to move your office to a beautiful location that suits your mood, enabling you to completely focus on the tasks ahead. And, if you’re not ready to leave the idyllic place you’ve found, why not turn it into a short holiday break? That’s how flexible this incredible vehicle is.

Inside the 7.39m long GlamperRV Business

What’s inside?
Inside the 7.39m long GlamperRV Business is a large central desk ideal which can seat 4/5 people. There is a Nespresso coffee machine, large fridge freezer, LED lighting. Blackout blinds, power sockets without the need for an electric hook up, mobile wifi and it even has a bathroom!

GlamperRV Business bedroom

As I mentioned earlier in this piece, the GlamperRV Business does away with the need for hotels. This is because, in addition to the above, it also has a separate bedroom with an en-suite shower room, full kitchen facilities, an additional drop-down double bed for guests and a large storage area for bikes and garden furniture etc.

There are also various additional options you can add to create the perfect mobile office environment. One of the first options we would recommend adding is air-conditioning, no one wants to work in a hot office! Other options include large flat screens, and the rather handy exterior gas points so you can fire up a BBQ at the day’s end as a reward for a productive day’s work!

The GlamperRV Business mobile office is ideal for vacations

GlamperRV Business Line - The Ultimate Luxury Mobile Office 4
Admittedly, I haven’t had the pleasure of driving one yet, so, much of my enthusiasm is based upon the information provided to me, but, if it’s anywhere near to what I expect, the GlamperRV Business will be the answer to many people’s prayers.
GlamperRV Business Line - The Ultimate Luxury Mobile Office 4

Working inside the GlamperRV Business

How much does the GlamperRV Business cost?
I’ve seen luxury mobile office prices in excess of £200,000 and have experienced some first-hand which left me feeling quite deflated. The GlamperRV Business price took me entirely by surprise. It’s just under £75,000 + VAT for the full specification version which sounds like an absolute bargain. To put some context into what good value it is, it’s not too dissimilar in price to a petrol or diesel BMW X7 car!

If this article has you chomping at the bit, it can be purchased outright or via a finance plan. And, you also have the added options of interior and exterior customisation and having your corporate livery put on it which should save money on advertising costs.

For more information on the GlamperRV Business, visit

Driving the GlamperRV Business mobile office

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GlamperRV Business Line - The Ultimate Luxury Mobile Office 4


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