The Goral Hybrid Trainer Collection is One Step Closer to Excellence

The Goral Hybrid Trainer Collection is One Step Closer to Excellence

Trainers are big business with some models fetching mind-boggling sums whilst instantly becoming fashion icons. The latest unveiling by Goral is some rather lovely Hybrid Trainers which firmly puts the footprint of the British shoe brand on the luxury tier of the market.

Sheffield based footwear company Goral has created a unique method taken from their experienced Craftsmen to attach the sole of the trainer to the upper. You may think as I did that soles and uppers have to be connected or they would not be shoes, but Goral’s innovative design allows for the trainer to get a full resolve if ever required. This upper and sole connection has never been created in a trainer previously.

Male model wearing Goral shoes

The Blake Stitch has been designed for use in Goral’s luxury trainers. The unique process enables quicker re-soling on trainers aiding the manufacturing process, reducing the amount of glue used in the sealing, the leather lasting board is stitched to the upper directly producing an efficient water-resistant seal.

The Craftsmen at Goral have taken the retro colours of previous times to enhance the look of their Hybrid Trainer collection. After deconstructing several classic shoes, they used all this information to invent the new range. The designs all benefit from Goral’s outstanding comfort, with padding, unlined leather uppers and insoles which the company are renowned.

Dark brown leather Goral shoesDominik Goral, Commercial Director at GORAL, said; “Since my Great-Great-Grandfather made the first pair of GORAL shoes over 80 years ago, we have become recognised as an industry leader for the craftsmanship which goes into our footwear. Our craftsmen have developed a unique process to enable GORAL trainers to be re-soled. This is a huge game-changer for the footwear industry.”

Dominik added, “The clothing and footwear industry is constantly looking for new ways that it can be more sustainable. By having a method which will enable trainers to have the entire sole replaced means that GORAL is leading the way to reduce the number of trainers which end up in landfill every year.”

Goral is a great advocate for sustainability and protecting the environment, so Dominik stated, “Waste isn’t the only issue the industry faces. Pollution is also caused by products travelling halfway around the world before reaching the customer. At GORAL, we source all our materials and packaging as locally as possible. We also offset the company’s carbon emissions from delivering to customers.”

Goral shoe box with Made in England embossed in gold on the side

About Goral Shoes

In 1936 Franciszek Goral opened his first small workshop in Poland to handcraft shoes for the local villagers. Since then, Goral’s passion for high-quality shoemaking has been passed down through four generations of the family and remains a family business today.

As a leading British footwear company that has supplied shoes to leading brands globally for over 80 years, Goral is renowned for crafting with skill and precision. The team of 40 craftsmen, many of whom have been with the company for more than 20 years, are intrinsically part of GORAL’s core values.

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The Goral Hybrid Trainer Collection is One Step Closer to Excellence 2


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