Your In-Flight Skin Saviour: Gorgias 100% Natural Facial Oils

Gorgias 100% Natural Facial Oils

Small enough to get through security, these vegan facial oils will leave your skin feeling fresh, dewy and ready for landing.

It’s no secret that air travel does a number on our skin. All that recycled cabin air eats away at our moisture levels, leaving our faces feeling dry, greasy and looking pretty dull.

Drinking gallons of water is your quickest fix but packing one or two products in your hand luggage is your next best bet.

You’ve probably already spotted some celebrities wearing face masks mid-flight, but creams, mists and oils work just as well and are a great option if you don’t fancy wearing a face mask in front of a cabin full of strangers.

Independent British beauty brand, Gorgias London, has recently launched a facial oil that, in my opinion, is perfect for maintaining fresh-looking skin while you fly. Even better, it’s completely natural and packed full of ingredients your skin will love.

Your In-Flight Skin Saviour: Gorgias 100% Natural Facial Oils 2

First off, let me tell you about the brand. I’m a huge fan of Gorgias, not only are their products incredibly effective, they smell heavenly and are free from nasties like synthetic colourants. Gorgias is committed to using natural, vegan-friendly ingredients and they clearly label each product so you know exactly what’s inside.

Their new cold-pressed oils an in-flight essential and you really don’t have to do much to see the results. Just take a few drops, pat into your face and that’s it – sit back and prepare for glowy skin upon landing.

There are a couple of blends to choose from; the Berry Blend combines fruit oils that trigger collagen production, giving your skin that much-needed moisture top-up while you fly. It also contains a naturally-occurring acid that calms redness – a common skin woe for frequent flyers.

If you’re flying long haul, the aptly-named Transformation Oil combines omega oils with argan oil, so you can apply a drop or two, doze off and wake up with your skin looking and feeling totally rejuvenated. Landing with a fresh face has never been so easy.


Gorgias London 100% Natural Facial Oils – Where & How?

Gorgias London 100% Natural Facial Oils are available online at

Gorgias 100% Natural Facial Oils by Leanne Kelsall

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